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How planting trees changed lives in a former coal town

12 Dec 17 - The UK's National Forest has not only transformed an industrial landscape, it has given people a new sense of belonging and wellbeing, created jobs and boosted wildlife.

UK sees value in rebirth of the railways

11 Dec 17 - Proposals in the UK aimed at reversing decades of decline in the rail system, have been praised as the “rebirth of the railways”.

London's new e-cabs come with all the mod cons

8 Dec 17 - Wi-Fi, USB charging and even a sunroof are among the features of London's new six-seat, battery-powered cabs.

London mayor wants to put stopper on plastic water bottles

6 Dec 17 - London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to see free water fountains and bottle refill stations across the city to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

BEAN BUSES: In London, it's wake up and smell the traffic

23 Nov 17 - Seeking to curb toxic diesel fumes, London transport officials are hunting for new sources of energy for buses. The latest idea? Coffee grounds.

Barclays issues €500m bond for 'green mortgages'

9 Nov 17 - UK banking giant Barclays has successfully issued a €500 million green bond - the first of its kind in the UK to use funds backed by domestic assets.

BBC apologises over interview with climate denier

Lord Lawson

26 Oct 17 - The BBC has apologised for an interview with climate change denier Lord Lawson after admitting it had breached its own editorial guidelines for allowing him to claim unchallenged that global temperatures have not risen in the past decade.

Dirty cars must pay for using London streets

25 Oct 17 - Drivers of the most polluting vehicles must from now on pay a daily charge of up to $NZ40 to drive into central London.

UK hints at e-bike subsidy to get people moving

24 Oct 17 - The UK government might consider providing subsidies for electric bicycles and electric cars as part of a concerted policy effort to get more people cycling.

UK climate masterplan – the grownups have finally won

16 Oct 17 - The UK Government’s clean growth strategy unequivocally states that tackling climate change and a prosperous economy go hand in hand.

Oxford city to ban cars in zero-emissions zone

13 Oct 17 - Polluting vehicles would be banned from Oxford city centre under plans to bring in what officials believe would be the world’s first zero emissions zone.

Scotland bans fracking after public protests

5 Oct 17 - The Scottish government has banned fracking after a consultation found overwhelming public opposition and little economic justification for the industry.

London could cut waste by 60% through circular model

25 Sep 17 - London could reduce its waste by 60 per cent by 2041 through a circular economy approach, says a new report.

May speaks out against Trump climate stance

22 Sep 17 - Theresa May has issued a veiled warning to Donald Trump, arguing that his plan to withdraw from the Paris climate change treaty ranks alongside North Korea’s nuclear missile tests as a threat to...

London welcomes first plastics-free shop

20 Sep 17 - London has welcomed the opening of its first package-free food store opened In an effort to eliminate plastic pollution.

UK wind power prices reach lowest level

18 Sep 17 - Three new windfarms are to be built in the United Kingdom as offshore wind prices reach their lowest levels ever.

Scotland sets 2032 ban on new diesel and petrol cars

7 Sep 17 - Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared that the country will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2032.

Parents face fines for driving children to school

7 Sep 17 - Parents across the UK face tough restrictions – and even fines – over driving their children to the school gates, in a push by councils on road safety and pollution.

Scotland claims tidal power world record

6 Sep 17 - August was a record-breaking month for Scottish tidal energy, after a power station managed to generate 700 megawatt-hours of electricity.

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