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Industrial plants see low carbon price as barrier

Friday - Low carbon prices are stopping many large plants switching to low-emissions fuels, a report says.

Ten years ago ...

Friday - Ten years ago, New Zealand-based environmental markets registry TZ1 was appointed global registry for Scottish organisation Vivo Foundation.

Cullen report backs more environmental taxes

Sir Michael Cullen

Thursday - Greater environmental taxes and strengthening of the Emissions Trading Scheme are on the way if the Government adopts recommendations from its Tax Working Group.

These mayors haven't signed climate declaration

Thursday - Twenty-three local body leaders haven’t signed the Local Government Leaders’ Declaration on Climate Change.

Bank opens for e-projects money

Thursday - Applications for the latest round of Government funding for low-carbon transport projects are open.

Ten years ago ...

Thursday - Ten years ago, Crest Energy was fighting objections to its plans to build New Zealand’s first tidal power plant.

Big companies might leave, warns oil sector

Wednesday - Cutting carbon subsidies for trade-exposed heavy emitters could see large companies leave the country, says the oil and gas sector.

Ten years ago ...

Wednesday - Ten years ago, the National Party was signing up to the Emissions Trading Scheme after voting against it the previous year.

MONEY MYSTERY: How much will this cost us?

Tuesday - Treasury expects most emitters to pay the Government a carbon fee this year instead of surrendering carbon credits – and that will cost the country money.

Ten years ago ...

Tuesday - Ten years ago, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd abandoned plans for a review of the country’s carbon trading plans.

Big businesses stand shy of 1.5deg commitment

Monday - Two large New Zealand companies making commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions are still talking about keeping global heating below 2deg, not the 1.5deg scientists now say is the maximum the...

Has Coast got climate facts, Muller asks ministers

Monday - Opposition climate spokesman Todd Muller wants to know if the Government has provided the West Coast Regional Council with evidence that human-induced climate change is real.

Ten years ago ...

Monday - Ten years ago, the Canadians were in town, trying to convince New Zealand farmers that they could make money from sequestering carbon in soil.

Farmers put climate worries on back burner

15 Feb 19 - Climate change and the Emissions Trading Scheme have fallen down the list of things worrying farmers.

Ten years ago ...

15 Feb 19 - Ten years ago, the development of a genetically modified grass backed by the New Zealand Government was being hailed as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from animals.

Emissions need multi-pronged action, says EDS

14 Feb 19 - The Emissions Trading Scheme alone will not drive the level of land-use change New Zealand will need to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, a new report says.

It's heating up on land ... and sea

14 Feb 19 - Droughts affecting in the top of the South Island and top and west of the North Island are spreading, and sea temperatures are increasing, scientists say.

Ten years ago ...

14 Feb 19 - New Zealand clean-tech pioneer Aquaflow (now called NZT Fuels) was confident of raising $20 million from a share float.

Plastic waste our prime worry, survey shows

13 Feb 19 - New Zealanders are capable of making the society-wide changes needed to tackle climate change – but at the moment they’re more focused on getting rid of plastic waste.

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