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Health is all we have - but now Google wants it

3 Aug 20 - The EU probe of Google's deal for Fitbit is a harbinger of a future in which Big Tech is central to healthcare.

DEVELOPERS v DURRELL: The battle for Corfu

3 Aug 20 - Usually, at this time of year, Corfu would have submitted to the soporific rhythms of the relentless summer heat.

Ireland forced to strengthen climate plan

3 Aug 20 - The Irish government has been ordered to take more aggressive action on climate change, following a ruling by the country’s top judges.

Will China and the US become climate partners again?

31 Jul 20 - The Biden campaign’s ambitious new plan for domestic climate action might help renew collaboration between the world’s two largest greenhouse gas emitters.

Record number of land activists die in 2019

31 Jul 20 - A record 212 land and environmental defenders were killed last year, equivalent to an average of more than four per week, according to a new report.

Super-rich fail on pledge to hand over rising wealth

31 Jul 20 - Super-rich individuals who pledged to give away most of their money to good causes are instead sitting on rising wealth fuelled by the "warehousing" of cash in dedicated family foundations or funds, a new study has found.

The surprising reasons why people ignore the facts

30 Jul 20 - Picture yourself giving nearly the same speech hundreds of times, filled with rock-solid facts, detailed charts, and impassioned moral pleas. Despite years of these efforts, you’re hoarse and exhausted and can’t shake the sense that people still aren’t listening.

How to hide from a drone (the subtle art of ghosting)

30 Jul 20 - Drones of all sizes are being used by environmental advocates to monitor deforestation, by conservationists to track poachers, and by journalists and activists to document large protests.

GLOBAL HEATING: Range of evidence widens

24 Jul 20 - Doomsayers and hopemongers alike may need to revise their climate predictions after a study that almost rules out the most optimistic forecasts for global heating while downplaying the likelihood of...

Official dietary guidelines are harming the planet, study finds

17 Jul 20 - Official dietary advice across the world is harming both the environment and people’s health, according to scientists who have carried out the most comprehensive assessment of national dietary...

Methane levels have hit a scary record high

16 Jul 20 - While the world has been focused on a global pandemic and widespread protests, another crisis is gathering in the atmosphere.

Heat might leave tropical trees unable to germinate

16 Jul 20 - If a plant can’t germinate, it’s heading for extinction. For many tropical trees, conditions could soon become too hot to procreate.

Car tyres major source of ocean microplastics

15 Jul 20 - More than 200,000 tonnes of tiny plastic particles are blown from roads into the oceans every year, according to research.

STUDY SUCCESS: No doubts, carbon pricing works

15 Jul 20 - Putting a price on carbon should reduce emissions, because it makes dirty production processes more expensive than clean ones, right?

GAS CURSE: Mozambique’s multi-billion dollar gamble

13 Jul 20 - A decade after prospectors struck gas off Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique, a consortium led by Total is signing contracts worth $16 billion to exploit it.

Which species will win and lose in a warmer climate?

13 Jul 20 - As the global climate shifts, it’s important to know which species have adaptations to survive. Our research published today in PNAS found it largely depends on where they evolved.

CO2 in atmosphere nearing levels of 15m years ago

10 Jul 20 - The amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is approaching a level not seen in 15m years and perhaps never previously experienced by a hominoid, according to the authors of a study.

Fossil fuel companies take at least $3b in covis aid

9 Jul 20 - More than 5600 companies in the fossil fuel industry have taken a minimum of $3b in coronavirus aid from the US federal government, according to a new analysis.

Sun has a secret plan to become a lithium factory

8 Jul 20 - Lithium is used in everything from medication to mobile phone batteries, but where does it come from?

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The end of Tiwai Pt could open huge opportunities for NZ

9 Jul 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - COAL ACTION NETWORK AOTEAROA -The announced closure of Tiwai...

Building for Climate Change programme a historic leap towards zero carbon

6 Jul 20 - Sustainable Business Council: A new programme, which sets a firm course for the...

Feds telling their members they can’t sell land for forestry

6 Jul 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - FOREST OWNERS ASSOCIATION - The Forest Owners Association is...

NZ winery commits to reducing its carbon emissions by 80 per cent

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - YEALAND WINE GROUP: Yealands Wine Group has today announced its...

Wind energy crucial to EU's carbon neutrality

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE GLOBALDATA: The European Union, whose 28 members collectively...

Mercury Quarterly Operational Update - 3 months to Dec 31, 2019

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE MERCURY: Mercury maintained a prudent approach to risk management...

Vegetarianism in schools is entirely appropriate

21 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE NZ VEGETARIAN SOCIETY: The NZ Vegetarian Society has responded to...

Westpac NZ and Contact Energy agree first sustainability-linked loan

16 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE WESTPAC NZ & CONTACT ENERGY: Westpac NZ and Contact Energy have...

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