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EU said to be considering electric car quota

Wednesday - Despite public denials, the European Commission is considering implementing an electric car quota to be achieved by automakers by 2030.

Norway's push for Arctic oil threatens Paris goals

Tuesday - Norway’s plan to ramp up oil and gas production in the Arctic threatens global efforts to tackle climate change, according to a new study.

Climate change is triple risk to Europe

Tuesday - New studies confirm climate change’s triple risk to Europe. The heat is on, lives are at risk and the floods are arriving earlier.

Sahara solar project aims to power Europe

8 Aug 17 - A consortium of clean energy developers has applied for permission to build a gigantic solar power plant on the edge of the Sahara desert which could power more than five million EU homes.

Melting Alps glaciers could reveal hundreds of corpses

7 Aug 17 - Swiss police say hundreds of bodies of mountaineers who have gone missing in the Alps in the past century could emerge in coming years as global warming forces the country’s glaciers to retreat.

Coal lobby threatens to sue over clean air rules

3 Aug 17 - Tough air pollution limits for Europe’s coal plants announced on Monday could be engulfed in a firestorm of lawsuits and counter-suits, Climate Home has learned.

EU court orders Poland to stop logging forest

31 Jul 17 - The European Union’s top court has ordered Poland to immediate halt large-scale logging in a Unesco-listed ancient forest.

Europe’s wind capacity grows but concerns persist

31 Jul 17 - The first half of 2017 saw 6.1 gigawatts of extra wind power capacity installed in Europe. But a lack of long-term political commitment has hit investment and market concentration remains problematic.

UK businesses urge PM to raise climate ambitions

26 Jul 17 - A group of UK businesses and investors have written to Prime MInister Theresa May, urging her to raise the country’s ambitions to tackle climate change.

Electric trams shuttle goods around Europe cities

26 Jul 17 - French and German cities using trams to move products are showing how to cut congestion while making a profit from the network.

Work for me, says Macron, and scientists flock to France

21 Jul 17 - Hundreds of climate scientists, including many from the United States, have applied to work in France under a multi-million dollar scheme set up by President Emmanuel Macron.

EU slapped for breaching access to environmental justice

20 Jul 17 - The European Union has accepted a UN ruling that found the bloc in breach of international laws requiring the public to have access to justice on environmental matters.

Finland ignores scientists and increases logging

13 Jul 17 - Plans to increase logging in Finnish forests will have dire impacts on the climate; yet the Finnish government is ignoring evidence and denigrating scientists.

Changing climate puts load on labourers

12 Jul 17 - Climate change could affect labour productivity – at least in the wine industry, new research suggests.

France decrees commercial rooftops must be green

7 Jul 17 - According to a new law, rooftops on new buildings in commercial zones across France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels.

In the Netherlands, a better way to rebuild the beach

5 Jul 17 - A $US78 million experiment aims to reinforce the rapidly eroding coastline, while avoiding the ecological damage common with other nourishment schemes.

Europe's contribution to deforestation set to rise

4 Jul 17 - Europe’s consumption of products such as beef, soy and palm oil could increase its contribution to global deforestation by more than a quarter by 2030, analysis shows.

Germany ‘massively weakens’ draft G20 climate plan

3 Jul 17 - The latest draft of the German plan for this week’s G20 Hamburg meeting contains major concessions to the US and opens the door for coal projects to be defined as “clean”.

Lack of green options traps Europe’s energy poor

3 Jul 17 - Fuel poverty affects tens of millions of Europeans. Coupled with continuing subsidies for fossil fuel boilers, this means decarbonisation efforts face an uphill struggle.

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