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COP 24

Climate control could save millions of lives, says WHO

Friday - Beating climate change would save at least a million lives a year, the World Health Organisation has told the UN climate summit in Poland, making it a moral imperative.

Indonesia manages to fly below the radar

Friday - International leaders are in Katowice debating the world's warming climate - but seldom mentioned is Indonesia, one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

Emissions jump to all-time high in 2018

Thursday - Global carbon emissions will jump to a record high in 2018, says a report released at the Katowice climate summit, dashing hopes a plateau of recent years would be maintained.

Why we canít trust finance with the planet

Thursday - Private finance and large investors will play a central role at the COP24 in Katowice. But before we pin our hopes on finance to solve climate change, there are some things we need to ask ourselves.

Four things that must be done at Katowice

Thursday - The urgency for decisive action is the imperative for COP24. The UN must press on with four major strands for meeting the Paris 1.5deg target.

Macron move likely to be felt at Katowice

Wednesday - French leader Emmanuel Macronís defeat by the gilets jaunes movement over a proposed eco-tax rise is likely to come as a painful lesson for environmental policymakers at UN climate talks in Katowice.

Climate leader running short on power

Wednesday - The coalition that built the Paris Agreement has broken down, leaving UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa with few powerful friends to call on to secure a deal in Katowice.

You're acting like children, child tells leaders

Wednesday - Action to fight global warming is coming whether world leaders like it or not, school student Greta Thunberg, 15, has told the UN climate change summit, accusing them of behaving like irresponsible...

NZ will take agriculture lead role at Katowice

4 Dec 18 - New Zealand will lead discussions at international climate talks in Poland on upping emissions reductions from farming.

Attenborough: Collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

4 Dec 18 - The collapse of civilisation and the natural world is on the horizon, Sir David Attenborough has told the UN climate change summit in Poland.

Kiwi sitting at the Katowice top table

Jo Tyndall

4 Dec 18 - New Zealander Jo Tyndall is one of the most influential people at international climate talks in Poland.

Host calls for solidarity with coal workers

4 Dec 18 - Polish leaders have delivered a clear message that climate change must be tackled, but not at the expense of the coal workers who built the industrial city that is hosting this yearís Cop24 summit.

Climate watchdog calls on NZ to show the way

3 Dec 18 - New Zealand is on a list of countries being called on to cut emissions as an example to the world.

COP 24 OPENS: The world at a crossroads

3 Dec 18 - Four senior figures behind efforts to limit climate change have warned that the planet "is at a crossroads" as key talks opened a day early in Poland.

GOOD COP: You've got to know your NDCs from your LMDCs

3 Dec 18 - International climate talks are fiendishly complex and stacked with jargon. Here's a glossary of the key concepts, forums and alliances you need to navigate the UN negotiations which started today in...

Draft G20 statement waters down Paris stand

27 Nov 18 - A draft communique from the leaders of the G20 shows that resolve to stand up for the Paris climate agreement against critical voices, such as the US, might be weakening.

Polish government split over coal

23 Nov 18 - Polandís energy ministry has come out fighting for the coal sector, ahead of UN climate talks in Katowice next month.

Attenborough to speak for the people at UN climate summit

22 Nov 18 - Sir David Attenborough will address the UNís climate change summit in Poland next month, taking up a newly established ďpeopleís seatĒ at the negotiations.

Trump plans coal sideshow at Katowice

19 Nov 18 - The Trump administration plans to set up a side-event promoting fossil fuels at the UN climate talks in Katowice, Poland, next month.

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