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China, Russia and Canada policies a threat

Today 10:00am - China, Russia and Canada’s current climate policies would drive the world above a catastrophic 5deg of warming by the end of the century, according to a study that ranks the climate goals of different countries.

Fires become more complex, nuanced ... and alarming

Today 10:00am - Why do wildfires seem to be escalating? Despite president Donald Trump’s tweet that the California fires were caused by “gross mismanagement” of forests, the answer is more complex, nuanced, and alarming.

Anti-fossil fuel campaigns contain lessons

Friday - Compared with so much ineffective climate activism, the present wave of anti-fossil fuel politics has an important advantage: it resonates better with ordinary people.

Greenland crater points to another climate-changing asteroid collision

Friday - A massive crater under Greenland’s ice points to a previously unknown climate-altering asteroid impact in the time of humans.

Heatwaves can hurt male insect fertility

Thursday - A new study of beetles could explain their global decline – and also be a warning to humankind.

We have no capacity to absorb new fossil fuel plants

Wednesday - The world has so many existing fossil fuel projects that it cannot afford to build any more polluting infrastructure without busting international climate change goals, the global energy watchdog has warned.

Bruised Iraq now has climate-change worries

Wednesday - It’s been invaded and bombed, had a third of its territory taken over by terrorist groups, hundreds of thousands have been killed and much of its infrastructure has been destroyed. Now, Iraq has climate change to worry about.

PROBLEM PLASTIC: What's behind our sudden rage and will it make a difference?

Wednesday - Decades after plastic became part of the fabric of our lives, a worldwide revolt against its use is under way.

Big Oil spent 1% on green energy in 2018

13 Nov 18 - Top oil and gas companies jointly spent around 1 per cent of their 2018 budgets on clean energy, a new study shows.

Why 2018 will see record for carbon emissions

13 Nov 18 - In 2018, humanity will pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than ever, and yet last year was a record year for renewable energy. What gives?

Flash floods increase as mercury climbs

12 Nov 18 - Scientists once again have confirmed that humankind’s actions have triggered ever-greater extremes of rainfall – and an ever-greater rise in disastrous flash floods.

End of the end of the Earth ... according to Jonathan Franzen

12 Nov 18 - A writer at the top of his game considers climate change, what we can do and what keeps him from despair.

Carbon Clock wound back - just a tick

9 Nov 18 - The Carbon Clock showing how much time the world has left before it exhausts its carbon budget has been set back a fraction.

Red-meat tax would save many lives, says study

9 Nov 18 - Taxing red meat would save many lives and raise billions to pay for healthcare, according to new research.

WORTHY AWARD: 'Single-use' named 2018 word of the year

9 Nov 18 - Single-use, a term referring to products – often made of plastic – that are made to be used once and thrown away, has been named Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2018.

In two years we could face our own extinction, says UN

6 Nov 18 - The world must thrash out a new deal for nature in the next two years or humanity could be the first species to document our own extinction, warns the United Nation’s biodiversity chief.

Climate warming messes with the jet stream

5 Nov 18 - Greenhouse gases are increasingly disrupting the jet stream, a powerful river of winds that steers weather systems in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Paris climate gang is breaking up

2 Nov 18 - In 2015, a group of countries banded together to shape the global climate pact, but political turmoil is pulling the alliance apart.

Electric food – the new sci-fi diet that could save our planet

2 Nov 18 - Growing food without plants or animals sounds like science fiction. But it could stop environmental destruction.

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