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Government on global hunt for carbon credits

Tuesday - The Government is locating sources of international units that could be used to meet New Zealandís international climate obligations Ė but hasnít decided yet whether to use them.

OUR LAND: Trouble ahead ... but how much?

Thursday - Climate change will have long-term impacts on New Zealandís land-based industries and biodiversity Ė but we donít have enough information to predict what will happen.

OUR LAND: We're losing our best growing soils

Thursday - The Government is moving to protect New Zealandís best growing soils in the wake of a report that shows theyíre compacted, contaminated and being washed away at an alarming rate.

August date for public to have say on Shaw's ETS

18 Apr 18 - A new review of the Emissions Trading Scheme will be open for public consultation in August.

Govt announces body to steer climate transition

David Prentice

17 Apr 18 - The interim climate commission has just been announced.

We can do net-zero by 2050, says Prodcom

16 Apr 18 - New Zealand can get to net-zero emissions by 2050, the Productivity Commission says.

Finance key to net-zero economy, says Shaw

13 Apr 18 - The Government is fleshing out plans to finance decarbonisation of the economy.

If we're serious about change, we must break the chains of economic growth, says think tank

6 Apr 18 - An end to economic growth must be considered a distinct possibility if New Zealand is to decarbonise, the Government has been told.

Climate challenges have an upside for tourism

5 Apr 18 - Climate change mightnít be all bad news for New Zealandís tourism industry.

Act now, says report, or watch carbon price rocket

4 Apr 18 - Carbon prices could hit $145 a tonne by 2050 if New Zealand delays decarbonising the economy, a new report warns.

Good transport in, bad transport out

4 Apr 18 - Frequent, affordable public transport is in and highways are out as the government battles to get New Zealandís runaway transport emissions under control.

PARKER POWER: The key is bringing it all together

3 Apr 18 - Environment minister David Parker says if you want to get his measure, look at the Americaís Cup deal heís just done.

Here's why we need a carbon price cap of $100

Dr Roger Blakeley

29 Mar 18 - An immediate carbon price cap of $100 a tonne and a $25 price floor is needed if New Zealand is to be carbon-neutral by 2050, says former Environment Secretary Dr Roger Blakeley.

Water arguments over, Parker tells businesses

28 Mar 18 - The argument over whether New Zealand will keep polluting its waterways has been won Ė and businesses need to understand that, says environment minister David Parker.

Minister quiet on talks with big emitters

27 Mar 18 - Climate minister James Shaw is meeting with some of the countryís biggest industrial emitters Ė but isnít saying what theyíre discussing.

Carbon capture permits a no-go, says Shaw

26 Mar 18 - Climate minister James Shaw says he wants to cut New Zealandís use of fossil fuels, not give the sector carbon credits.

Oil explorer wants credits for carbon capture

21 Mar 18 - New Zealandís largest oil and gas exploration company wants carbon credits for capturing and storing emissions from fossil fuel production Ė and says itís viable at a carbon price of just $18 a tonne.

It happened 10 years ago ...

20 Mar 18 - National Party climate spokesman Nick Smith was talking about an integrated carbon market with Australia, while his boss, then-Opposition leader John Key, was backing the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Cabinet talks turning off fossil fuels taps

19 Mar 18 - The Government is looking at ending oil and gas exploration.

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