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Shareholders put pressure on Shell

Tuesday - Royal Dutch Shell faces a shareholder challenge over climate change this week, as investors insist oil and gas firms should offer more transparency and action on carbon emissions.

Europe renewables up - so are emissions

17 May 18 - A bumper year for renewable energy didn’t stop Europe from increasing its emissions.

Lack of models holding back e-car market

10 May 18 - The rise of electric cars in Europe is being hampered by a lack of models for consumers to choose from rather than a lack of public recharging points, say energy companies and carmakers.

The hills are alive with the signs of plastic

1 May 18 - A major study has found microplastics in soil across Switzerland and scientists warn urgent research is needed into impacts on food safety.

EU votes to ban bee-killing pesticide

30 Apr 18 - The EU has overwhelmingly voted for a ban on the use of a pesticide known to be harmful to bees.

EU backs new circular economy measures

26 Apr 18 - The EU has taken a significant step towards principles which make an asset out of waste.

Dutch group threatens take Shell to court

5 Apr 18 - Campaigners are threatening to take Royal Dutch Shell to court in the Netherlands unless it takes major climate action.

Europe's electric cars herald march of the gigafactories

4 Apr 18 - Across Europe a wave of gigafactories are coming online, ready to meet the battery demands of a continent-wide switch to electric cars.

Europe's carbon market finally doing its job

28 Mar 18 - Europe’s $38 billion a year carbon market is finally starting to work the way it was intended, reining in pollution with a minimum of squealing from industry.

Macron pushes for EU minimum carbon price

26 Mar 18 - Europe must set a minimum price for carbon, says French President Emmanuel Macron, something that would require a new tax on imports from non-EU countries that are not doing enough to tackle climate...

BIRDS EMBATTLED; Europe faces biodiversity oblivion

23 Mar 18 - Intensive farming and pesticides could turn Europe’s farmland into a desert that ultimately imperils all humans, say the authors of report on the decline of bird numbers.

Europe goes for two-speed approach to sustainable finance

19 Mar 18 - Europe is quickly adopting an imbalanced, two-speed approach to sustainable finance, in which the “green” is moving much faster than the “social”.

Nervous about nukes? Don't worry, just swallow this pill

16 Mar 18 - Belgian pharmacies will provide radiation-busting iodine tablets free of charge to anyone as part of the country’s new nuclear strategy,

Germany’s new government deal fails Paris test

14 Mar 18 - With the coalition agreement for a new German government under Angela Merkel, a major opportunity to realign German climate policy to the challenges of the Paris climate change agreement has passed.

Europe, too, likes the look of circular economy

13 Mar 18 - As the EU doubles down on its waste management efforts and sets its sights on tackling plastic waste, the idea of a circular economy and internal market for recycling is gathering momentum.

EC unveils new action plan on sustainable finance

13 Mar 18 - The European Commission has produced its strategy to make sustainability a key component of the financial sector within Europe for years to come.

Luxembourg home to half world’s green bonds

9 Mar 18 - Luxembourg and its very international stock exchange are well positioned to become the standard bearer that leads the green and sustainable finance industry of the future.

Spanish bank announces €100 billion climate plan

8 Mar 18 - The second-largest bank in Spain has launched a 100 billion euros initiative to support sustainable development and combat climate change.

Ban on bee-killer pesticide likely after new study

6 Mar 18 - A new study from the EU has found that the widespread use of a controversial pesticide on crops is harmful to the bee population.

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