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Blockchains could tackle our waste problems

Tuesday - Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin might fill news headlines, but attention has been shifting to the technology that underpins them - blockchains.

Off the Green and into the Blue

Tuesday - A staggering number of golf balls wind up in the ocean. What happens to them?

HSBC to stop financing most new coal plants

Monday - Europe’s largest bank, HSBC, says it will mostly stop funding new coal power plants, oil sands and arctic drilling.

The grass might be greener on the other side – but is death?

Monday - The funeral industry is catering for the growing number of people who want to deal with their mortal remains in an environmentally sound way.

Long-lived civilisation might be a dream

Monday - Humanity’s cherished hope that we are building a long-lived civilisation may be nothing more than a pipe-dream.

Churches call on Commonwealth to get tough

Friday - More than 170 religious leaders from all over the world have urged governments from the Commonwealth to “turn words into action” and stop dangerous climate change.

Put your trust me, says Shell chief

Friday - Shell CEO Ben van Beurden has the same message for activists and investors: Trust me.

I kept plastic for a year – the 4490 items made me rethink

19 Apr 18 - Daniel Webb accrued a mountain of plastic – all 4490 items of it – and made it into a mural, now on display in the UK.

Scientists stumble across mutation that eats plastic

18 Apr 18 - Scientists have created - by accident - a mutant enzyme that breaks down plastic drinks bottles.

Commonwealth heads meet amid inequality claims

18 Apr 18 - Commonwealth heads of state will begin meeting in London, amid concerns over the unequal effects of climate change and efforts to fight it.

More than 95% of people breathe dangerous air

18 Apr 18 - More than 95 per cent of the world’s population breathe unsafe air and the burden is falling hardest on the poorest communities,

Six metals are key to a low-carbon future

17 Apr 18 - Low-carbon technologies currently rely on a handful of key metals, some of which have been little-used to date.

How the evolving climate is messing with your dinner

17 Apr 18 - An evolving climate means big changes for people who grow, catch and rear for a living, and everyone else who buys and eats what they produce.

Drug waste clogs global river systems

16 Apr 18 - Rivers around the world are coursing with over-the-counter and prescription drugs waste dangerous the environment, researchers have found.

The most important climate treaty you've never heard of

13 Apr 18 - Raise a hand if you've heard of the Gothenburg Protocol. No? Well, you're in good company.

Nestlé vows to act on plastic packaging

13 Apr 18 - Nestlé has joined the growing number of multinational companies, which are recognising their role in reducing the amount of global plastic waste.

Playcentre surfaces put the heat on kids

13 Apr 18 - Some children spend many hours of the day in childcare centres where artificial surfaces can become dangerously hot.

Countries inch towards ‘minimum’ shipping target

12 Apr 18 - Negotiations over a long-term climate strategy for the global shipping industry are growing fractious as countries battle over the level of ambition.

Why aren't we changing the way we produce food?

12 Apr 18 - As the world races towards a projected nine billion inhabitants, the failings of dominant food systems are impossible to deny.

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