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Pundits predict carbon is going higher

Thursday - New Zealand carbon prices are at record levels, but how high are they going?

Carbon forward units pass $35 price cap

11 Jun 20 - Carbon hit new record prices yesterday, with forward units now more expensive than the unofficial $35 price cap.

Carbon prices stick to the upward trail

10 Jun 20 - Carbon prices are pushing on towards $31 today as the New Zealand market continues a bull run.

NEWSFLASH: Carbon hits historic high

9 Jun 20 - New Zealand's carbon market has broken the $30 barrier.

Carbon price sits at record mark

9 Jun 20 - New Zealand carbon is at record prices after five days of trading pushed spot NZUs up 15 per cent.

NEWSFLASH - NZ carbon hits historic high

28 May 20 - New Zealandís carbon market has broken the $30 barrier.

Emission trading changes will have to wait

26 Mar 20 - Changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme are in lockdown along with the rest of the country.

Carbon markets will keep the doors open

25 Mar 20 - New Zealandís carbon markets will continue trading through the covid-19 pandemic shutdown.

Carbon prices suffer as global economy sweats

19 Mar 20 - The global economic downturn brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting carbon prices.

Customers made the call, says new carbon operator

18 Mar 20 - The operator of a new carbon-trading platform says it is responding to demand from its customers.

Transpower moves into carbon trading

Quintin Tahau

17 Mar 20 - Transpower is moving into the carbon-trading business.

Lack of global market hurts offsets investment

13 Feb 20 - The lack of a global carbon-trading market is holding back investment in offsets, a new report says.

ETS proposals bring record carbon prices

28 Jan 20 - New Zealand carbon prices have shot to record levels on the back of proposed changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme.

WANTED: Someone to run carbon-credit auctions

21 Nov 19 - The Government is looking for someone to build and run its new carbon-credit-auctioning platform.

Govt eyes bid limits for carbon credit auctions

15 Nov 19 - The Government is looking at setting a maximum bid lot to stop a handful of entities getting control of the New Zealand carbon market.

Businesses demand action, says UN climate chief

Patricia Espinosa

18 Jun 19 - Businesses are demanding the development of international carbon markets as the world battles a climate emergency, negotiators have heard overnight.

Global carbon markets in the spotlight

17 Jun 19 - Rules governing the development of international carbon markets will be top of the agenda at international climate talks this week.

NEWSFLASH: $25 price cap on the way out

16 May 19 - THE $25 price-cap on New Zealand carbon will be gone by the end of 2022 and a price floor is a possibility, the Government has just announced. Full details in tomorrow morningís Carbon News.

Pioneer carbon trader to change hands

Nigel Brunel

20 Mar 19 - The trading house that 10 years ago today handled the first trade under New Zealandís Emissions Trading Scheme is about to change hands.

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