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Big Oil spent 1% on green energy in 2018

Tuesday - Top oil and gas companies jointly spent around 1 per cent of their 2018 budgets on clean energy, a new study shows.

Environment crusaders head to Congress

Tuesday - They’ve taken on polluters and built climate solutions. Now they’re bringing activism to Congress in one of the most diverse freshmen classes in US House history.

Why 2018 will see record for carbon emissions

Tuesday - In 2018, humanity will pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than ever, and yet last year was a record year for renewable energy. What gives?

Amazon is adapting, but not fast enough

Tuesday - A 30-year analysis of Amazonian trees finds the world’s largest rainforest is already adapting to climate change, but probably not fast enough.

Britain's new climate could bring wine bonanza

Tuesday - Could rain-sodden Britain become the hot new wine producer?

How the US interior department became a tool of big business

Trump's Boy Scout Ryan Zinke

Tuesday - Since his first day on the job, when he surrounded himself with a police escort and rode through Washington on a horse named Tonto, US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has exhibited a flair for ostentation.

How fund managers could help save Amazon

Monday - Large asset managers could play a pivotal role in safeguarding the Amazon forest, a new report shows, amid concerns Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro could strip the planet of its lungs.

China faces pressure over illegal greenhouse gases

Monday - China will be urged to crack down on illegal CFC-11 production under an international declaration set for adoption at a meeting in Ecuador this week.

Germany pours money into EV battery ventures

Monday - Germany has earmarked one billion euros to support a consortium looking to produce electric car battery cells and plans to fund a research facility to develop next-generation solid-state batteries.

Flash floods increase as mercury climbs

Monday - Scientists once again have confirmed that humankind’s actions have triggered ever-greater extremes of rainfall – and an ever-greater rise in disastrous flash floods.

End of the end of the Earth ... according to Jonathan Franzen

Monday - A writer at the top of his game considers climate change, what we can do and what keeps him from despair.

Carbon Clock wound back - just a tick

Friday - The Carbon Clock showing how much time the world has left before it exhausts its carbon budget has been set back a fraction.

JFK first to be warned about climate change

Friday - John F. Kennedy was warned about "climate control" in February 1961, becoming perhaps the first American president to learn about people's impact on planetary temperatures.

Messed-up ozone layer is on the mend

Friday - The entire ozone layer — even the highly damaged parts over the North Pole and South Pole — could be completely healed by 2060.

Red-meat tax would save many lives, says study

Friday - Taxing red meat would save many lives and raise billions to pay for healthcare, according to new research.

WORTHY AWARD: 'Single-use' named 2018 word of the year

Friday - Single-use, a term referring to products – often made of plastic – that are made to be used once and thrown away, has been named Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2018.

Climate change back on US political agenda

Thursday - With their win of control of the US House of Representatives, Democrats will now have the numbers to put climate change issues back on the Congressional agenda.

OPINION: Attenborough has betrayed the living world

George Monbiot

Thursday - BY GEORGE MONBIOT | By downplaying our environmental crisis, Sir David Attenborough's BBC films have generated complacency, confusion and ignorance.

Big hydropower dams unsustainable, says study

Thursday - Large-scale hydropower dams are unsustainable in the developing world, according toi new research.

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