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Scientists predict ecological Armageddon as insects die off

Friday - The abundance of flying insects has plunged by three-quarters over the past 25 years, according to a new study that has shocked scientists.

Fiji announces $100m ‘climate bond’ ahead of climate talks

Friday - Fiji aims to raise $100 million ($NZ68m) to build resilience to climate change and support a shift to 100 per cent renewable energy.

UN launches $1bn fund for sustainable farming

Friday - UN Environment has partnered with Dutch financial institution Rabobank to establish a $1 billion fund offering grants and loans to businesses interesting in investing in sustainable farming practices.

Environmental activism no racket, rules judge

Friday - A judge has dismissed a Canadian logging company's lawsuit against Greenpeace and another activist group that accused them of running a criminal enterprise through their environmental campaigns.

Hunger increasing thanks to wars and climate change

Friday - Despite efforts to end food shortages, hunger is on the rise again after years of decline, a UN report says.

How Thailand built a top sustainable stock exchange

Friday - Sustainability reporting is not mandatory in Thailand - and yet Thai firms outnumber their Asean peers in the latest Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

Toxic firefighting chemicals public health challenge

Friday - The contamination of drinking water by toxic firefighting chemicals is the most seminal public health challenge of coming decades, says a US environmental official.

Turnbull convinces party to unite on energy policy

Thursday - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has secured party-room backing to impose new reliability and emissions reduction guarantees on energy retailers and large energy users from 2020.

Planting the planet could cut as much carbon as halting oil

Thursday - Planting forests and other activities that harness the power of nature could play a major role in limiting global warming under the 2015 Paris agreement.

KITCHEN CRIMES: The hidden scandal of hotel food waste

Thursday - What if every time you sat down for a meal, you threw one-quarter of it in the trash? That’s the hidden story of waste in the hospitality industry.

France looks to solar power ‘prosumers’

Thursday - France plans to more than double its solar power capacity in the next 10 years and make it easier for citizens to become energy independent.

How potatoes and bananas can keep your house warm

Thursday - Potatoes and bananas reborn as insulation, peanuts processed into partition boards and mushroom bricks that grow in five days ... just some of the ways the building trade could change its wasteful...

Texas town mayor turns green-power tyro

Thursday - The mayor of Georgetown, Texas, Dale Ross is ‘a good little Republican’ – but ever since his city weaned itself off fossil fuels, he has become a hero to environmentalists.

Egypt shaped by volcanoes and climate change

Thursday - Volcanic eruptions and climate change have been linked to periods of social unrest and the eventual downfall one of Ancient Egypt's most famous dynasties.

Worldwide demand for petrol likely to reach peak by 2030

Wednesday - World petrol demand will peak within 13 years thanks to the impact of electric cars and more efficient engines, energy experts have predicted.

Agrifood mergers bad for farmers, warn experts

Wednesday - Mergers in the agrifood sector squeeze farmers’ income and consolidate current models of food production, aggravating environmental and social fallouts, according to experts.

Qantas eyes transpacific biofuel flights by 2020

Wednesday - Qantas has announced that its Los Angeles to Melbourne flights will be powered by biofuel from 2020.

Thunderstorms set to grow stronger

Wednesday - Thunderstorms are set to become more intense throughout the tropics and subtropics this century as a result of climate change, according to new research.

World's choking cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars

Wednesday - Electric cars won’t eradicate city gridlocks and air pollution, but carbon footprints could be cut by favouring pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit.

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