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Paris summit will call for shipping to meet climate goals

12 Dec 17 - The shipping industry will be urged to align with international climate goals under a declaration to be launched at a climate summit in Paris today.

Automakers worry over how many will buy their e-cars

7 Dec 17 - Carmakers putting huge investment into electric vehicles at the behest of governments a having to live with the fear of potentially choking on unsold inventories.

Tesla isn’t the only company creating cool electric vehicles

6 Dec 17 - Some of the world’s most established carmakers are starting to reveal what they’ve been working on for the EV world.

E-cars cheaper all round than petrol or diesel

5 Dec 17 - Pure electric cars cost less over four years than petrol or diesel cars in the UK, US and Japan, researchers say, but China is set to lead the market.

A Tesla too costly? An e-bike might be your answer

4 Dec 17 - Electric cars remain something of a novelty, commanding premium prices and presenting charging challenges, but another kind of electric vehicle has been gaining momentum: the e-bike.

Big businesses combine to deliver hybrid e-jet

1 Dec 17 - A partnership between Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Siemens aims to commission a hybrid electric aircraft prototype by 2020.

One in six new cars will be electric by 2025

30 Nov 17 - Almost every sixth car sold in the world will be electric by 2025 ... and those cars are more likely to be emblazoned with Tesla's logo than BMW's.

Solar-powered jets come a step closer

29 Nov 17 - Scientists are closer to making solar-powered jets a reality. They now know how to make jet fuel out of air, sunlight and water.

Govt on track to keep KiwiRail trains electric

27 Nov 17 - The Government is in talks to keep electric locomotives on the main trunk line.

Musk unveils electric truck ... and a surprise sports car

20 Nov 17 - Elon Musk has unveiled Tesla’s first electric semi-truck at an event in Los Angeles that also included the surprise reveal of a new Tesla sports car.

Why we can't keep on flying

7 Nov 17 - Staying home is going to be the new normal if we're going to "bend the curve"on carbon emissions.

Dockless bikes and the tragedy of the commons

6 Nov 17 - WASHING DC has become the latest testing ground for what happens when technology and good intentions meet the real world.

China’s largest ride-hailing company to build its own electric-vehicles charging network

6 Nov 17 - CHINA'S LARGEST ride-sharing company is to build its own electric-vehicle charging network.

How double-dealing killed off the electric bus

31 Oct 17 - The electric bus would have let Londoners enjoy clean air early in the 20th century, saving but for the dishonesty and double-dealing which promoted the internal combustion engine instead.

We deliberately misled the public, says shipping executive

30 Oct 17 - Shipping lobbyists at UN talks were "prostitutes employed by our racket to try to put one over on the public’, says a marine industry veteran.

Toyota hooks up with Mazda and Denso to make e-cars

24 Oct 17 - Toyota, Mazda, and Denso will jointly establish a new company to develop zero-emission electric cars.

New aircraft biofuels plan would 'destroy rainforests'

16 Oct 17 - A new plan to accelerate production of biofuels for passenger planes has drawn stinging criticism from environmentalists who argue that most of the world’s rainforests might have to be cleared to...

Toyota urges NZ to get out of big-emitting cars

10 Oct 17 - New Zealanders are buying bigger cars, damaging the country’s chances of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, say Toyota New Zealand chief Alistair Davis.

Jobs, tax and politics ... three ways e-cars will change us

10 Oct 17 - Vehicle manufacturers, the oil industry and governments are starting to wake up to the disruption that electric cars could bring about.

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