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Ending hunger: science must stop neglecting smallholder farmers

13 Oct 20 - Policymakers urgently need ideas on ways to end hunger. But a global review of the literature finds that most researchers have had the wrong priorities.

Rising fertiliser use could cost Paris target

8 Oct 20 - Global growth in nitrous oxide emissions from intensive farming is jeopardising climate goals, scientists say in a major new paper.

M&S cuts soya from its milk supply chain

2 Oct 20 - British food retailer Marks & Spencer eliminated soya from the production of all its milk as part of its commitment to end deforestation in its supply chain.

Lentils can feed the world – and save wildlife too

29 Sep 20 - UNITED STATES scientists have worked out how to feed nine billion people and save wild life from extinction, both at the same time – thanks to healthy lentils.

New grass could cut methane from farm animals

11 Sep 20 - Developers of a new ryegrass say it could cut methane emissions from animals by nine per cent.

Climate change, migration and a deadly disease

11 Sep 20 - For thousands of years, an unknown virus lingered quietly among the wild ruminants of South Africa.

Smithfield going for carbon-negative

7 Sep 20 - The world's biggest pork producer is promising to be carbon-negative on its own emissions by 2030.

Farmers should be rewarded for all carbon, including soil, says Shaw

3 Sep 20 - If climate minister James Shaw has his way, putting a carbon charge on agriculture should be as straight-forward as farmers doing a quick calculation to show whether they’re in the black or the red...

Farm emissions-measuring system has potential, says Toitû

28 Aug 20 - Environmental certification company Toitû Envirocare says its new farm-carbon certification programmes will help farmers get a slice of a huge international market for sustainable products.

DISHING THE DIRT: Why biochar isn't the answer

18 Aug 20 - Australia’s move to store carbon in soil is a problem for tackling climate change, agricultural scientists say.

Gene manipulation using algae could grow more crops with less water

12 Aug 20 - Tobacco plants have been modified with a protein found in algae to improve their photosynthesis and increase growth, while using less water, in a new advance that could point the way to...

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Let's back buffalo

10 Aug 20 - Waikato farmers could be replacing dairy cows with buffalo if the region goes ahead with a plan to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

NZ and Ireland talk trade over ag emissions

7 Aug 20 - New Zealand is working with Ireland on trade solutions to the problem of carbon leakage in the agricultural sector.

Government backs regenerative farming

8 Jul 20 - The Government has unveiled a plan for the primary sector that includes a substantial switch to regenerative agriculture.

Livestock under pressure for nitrogen pollution

7 Jul 20 - The livestock sector is being singled out in new research for hugely increasing global nitrogen pollution.

Let's feed the people first, say ag leaders

2 Jul 20 - Agricultural industry leaders say they need to feed New Zealanders before the rest of the world.

NZ must rein in Fonterra, says US watchdog

16 Jun 20 - Fonterra is among 13 global dairy companies criticised for continuing to increase greenhouse gas emissions despite their climate damage.

Saucy sugar joins drive to find us better food

19 May 20 - Australia’s sugar industry is joining forces with health experts to call for a complete change to the world’s food systems.

New genetics regime will cut dairy herd emissions

12 May 20 - A new national regime for recording dairy genetics will help to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s herd, officials say.

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Recognising forestry's highest achievers

5 Oct 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - The New Zealand Institute of Forestry has announced the winners...

Fonterra should be ashamed of causing coal mine expansion, says Cana

29 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - Bathurst Resource¡¯s planned extension of its Canterbury coal...

Coal activists' target misplaced - Straterra

29 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - Activists blocking a Canterbury coal mine over a proposed...

Wood fibres report welcomed

2 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - The Wood Fibre Futures report is a welcome addition to our...

Fuel-cell trucks here next year

1 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - New Zealand’s Hiringa Energy and United States-based HYZON...

China will have more than 25% of global offshore wind power capacity by 2030

27 Aug 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - GLOBAL DATA: The global offshore wind segment is likely to grow...

Big penalty for environmental pollution

27 Aug 20 - An Auckland Council prosecution has seen a golf resort fined $86,000 for...

Funding welcome for recycling plant upgrades

26 Aug 20 - Local Government New Zealand has today welcomed the stimulus funding to upgrade...

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