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Antarctica shows 65,000 ‘meltwater lakes’

4 Oct 19 - Blue lakes have been forming in record numbers around the edges of the Antarctic ice sheet as warmer temperatures cause snow and ice to melt and collect in depressions on the surface.

Giant iceberg breaks off east Antarctica

2 Oct 19 - The calving of the 1636 sq km iceberg in Antarctica is not linked to climate change, scientists say, but could speed up further melting.

Changes turning Arctic into economic hotspot

26 Aug 19 - As melting ice opens Arctic shipping lanes and reveals incredible riches, the region is seen as a new geopolitical and economic asset, with the US, Russia, China and others wanting in.

Changing climate traumatises Greenlanders

14 Aug 19 - The climate crisis is causing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety to people in Greenland who are struggling to reconcile the traumatic impact of global heating with their traditional way of life.

Winds of change driving Antarctic ice melt

13 Aug 19 - Global warming is driving a shift in regional winds around the edges of Antarctica, and that's speeding up the meltdown of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, new research shows.

DRONE ALONE: Ocean-going science in the southern seas

7 Aug 19 - New Zealand scientists have played a major role in the voyage of a wind-powered surface vehicle called a saildrone that is the first unmanned system to circumnavigate Antarctica.

Artificial snow could save the world, but there's a downside

6 Aug 19 - In theory, artificial snow could save the ice caps and limit sea level rise. The downside is that rescuing civilisation this way would sacrifice Antarctica.

Iceland leaves memorial to a glacier - and a global warning

24 Jul 19 - The first of Iceland’s 400 glaciers to be lost to the climate crisis will be remembered with a memorial plaque – and a sombre warning for the future.

Manmade Antarctic snows could save coastal cities

18 Jul 19 - Spraying trillions of tons of snow over west Antarctica could halt the ice sheet’s collapse and save coastal cities across the world from sea level rise, according to a new study.

Antarctic melting might become irreversible

11 Jul 19 - Antarctica faces a tipping point where glacial melting will accelerate and become irreversible even if global heating eases, research suggests.

Antarctic sea ice records 'precipitous' fall

3 Jul 19 - The vast expanse of sea ice around Antarctica has suffered a “precipitous” fall since 2014, satellite data shows, and fell at a faster rate than seen in the Arctic.

HOT SPOT: Welcome to the fastest-heating place on Earth

3 Jul 19 - In the world’s most-northerly town, temperatures have risen by 4deg, having a devastating effect on homes, wildlife and even the cemetery. Will the rest of the planet heed its warning?

Arctic permafrost melting 70 years ahead of time

17 Jun 19 - Permafrost has begun thawing in the Canadian Arctic more than 70 years early because of climate change, according to new research.

Changing climate has seabirds dying in their thousands

6 Jun 19 - The bodies started washing ashore on St Paul Island, Alaska, in October 2016. One after another, the small carcasses of seabirds - mostly puffins - landed on the beach in extraordinary numbers.

Ross Ice Shelf melting at faster rate

6 May 19 - Part of the Ross Ice Shelf, the world's largest, is melting 10 times faster than the rest, shedding light on how it might respond to climate change.

Permafrost collapse might double warming

3 May 19 - the Arctic is warming fast, and frozen soils are starting to thaw, often for the first time in thousands of years.

Emperor penguins flee unsteady ice

29 Apr 19 - Antarctica's charismatic emperor penguins have abandoned one of their biggest colonies after breeding pairs there failed to raise almost any new chicks in three years.

IT'S NO JOKE: Laughing gas is leaking from Alaska permafrost

24 Apr 19 - US scientists have identified yet another hazard linked to the thawing permafrost - laughing gas.

'Hair dryer' winds pressure Antarctic ice

16 Apr 19 - Warm, dry winds in Antarctica can cause major melt as they sweep across the ice, even during frigid winter months.

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