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Consortium plans carbon-capture projects

Today 11:00am - After decades spent extracting fossil fuels from the UK’s North Sea, a consortium of oil companies is preparing to pump Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions back beneath the seabed to help meet the government’s climate ambitions.

EU tries to stop fossil-fuel companies suing over climate action

Today 11:00am - The European Union is trying to remove fossil fuels from the list of investments protected by the Energy Charter Treaty to stop its member states being sued over climate action.

South Korea joins Japan in making 2050 carbon-neutral pledge

Today 11:00am - South Korea is the latest country to pledge to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Sleeping giant' Arctic methane deposits starting to release

Wednesday - Scientists have found evidence that frozen methane deposits in the Arctic Ocean – known as the “sleeping giants of the carbon cycle” – have started to be released over a large area of the continental slope off the East Siberian coast, the Guardian reveals.

India's cities look to become climate-smarter

Wednesday - India's southern city of Hyderabad is known as a high-tech hub - but its infrastructure is looking increasingly dated in an era of strengthening climate change impacts.

2020 on course to be warmest year on record

Wednesday - While this year will be memorable for many reasons, it is now more likely than not that 2020 will also be the warmest year for the Earth’s surface since reliable records began in the mid-1800s.

Dust threatens Western US and Southeast Asia

Wednesday - Half a planet apart, one low-lying and the other on the roof of the world, two huge regions confront an increasing dust risk − a menace to jobs, to food and to lives.


Tuesday - Spot NZUs opened at $35.05 bid and $35.10 offered on CommTrade this morning, after last fixing at $35.07.

Japan to be carbon-neutral by 2050

Tuesday - Japan’s prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, has said the country will become carbon neutral by 2050, heralding a bolder approach to tackling the climate emergency by the world’s third-biggest economy.

Which countries have a net-zero carbon target?

Tuesday - Twenty-eight countries, one American state and the European Union says they are committed to being carbon-neutral by 2050.

EU will not block new nuclear power plants

Tuesday - The European Commission will not stand in the way of countries that choose to build new nuclear power stations, said EU climate chief Frans Timmermans.

World Bank branch backs coal megaproject

23 Oct 20 - The World Bank’s private lending branch is indirectly backing one of the world’s biggest new coal complexes, despite a new green policy.

Electric cars 'as cheap to manufacture' as regular models by 2024

23 Oct 20 - Electric cars will cost the same to make as conventional cars, with internal combustion engines, by 2024, according to new research.

Forestry’s climate impact ‘invisible’ under UN rules, experts say

23 Oct 20 - Forests are the planet’s biggest carbon “sink” – absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit – but their contribution to cooling the earth’s climate is currently not fully...

First deal done under Paris Agreement to offset emissions

22 Oct 20 - Switzerland has struck a carbon offsetting agreement with Peru, in what the two nations say is the first deal of its kind under Article 6 of the Paris agreement.

Australian business wants a Green New Deal

22 Oct 20 - Australian company directors want a more radical policy reset to recover from the covid-19 recession including bigger investments in infrastructure, reforms of industrial relations and a Green New...

EU close to reforming farm subsidies scheme

22 Oct 20 - European Union farm ministers have clinched an early-morning deal on the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy, touted as ‘a paradigm shift in European food policy'.

Geology’s human footprint is enough to spur rage

22 Oct 20 - Once again science has presented evidence that a new geological epoch is here. This human footprint is all our own work.

EU to go for tough new rules for car batteries

22 Oct 20 - The European Commission will table new EU-wide regulations this autumn to ensure that batteries manufactured or imported into Europe are “the greenest on this planet".

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