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Bill McKibben

OPINION: Divestment is hitting where it hurts

18 Dec 18 - Trillions of dollars of investments are being taken out of carbon-intensive companies, says BILL McKIBBEN. Governments must now take notice.

OPINION: When will the real action begin?

14 Dec 18 - The Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme announcement this week has left carbon forestry pioneer Dr MURRAY McCLINTOCK, of Nelson company Carbon Farm, underwhelmed and asking when the real action on combatting climate change will begin.

OPINION: Attenborough has betrayed the living world

George Monbiot

8 Nov 18 - BY GEORGE MONBIOT | By downplaying our environmental crisis, Sir David Attenborough's BBC films have generated complacency, confusion and ignorance.

TRIBUTE: Climate-change pioneer Bernard Forde

Dr Bernard Forde

16 Oct 18 - By ADELIA HALLETT | Today is the funeral of a man who pushed, to the best of his scientific and political ability, to get action on climate change.

OPINION: It's time for the trackless tram

Peter Newman

27 Sep 18 - By PETER NEWMAN | I began my life as an activist academic in 1979 when the Western Australia government closed the Fremantle railway, saying buses would be better. Patronage immediately fell by 30 per cent and I ran a four-year campaign to save the railway.

OPINION: The answer's not a better kind of coffee cup

18 Sep 18 - By GEORGE MONBIOT | We must challenge the corporations that urge us to live in a throwaway society rather than seeking ‘greener’ ways of maintaining the status quo.

OPINION: A dangerous political compromise

17 Sep 18 - By SIR ALAN MARK | After decades of sitting on our hands, the simple the act of commissioning an inquiry into becoming a low-carbon economy has been hugely positive on public perception.

OPINION: Politicians, get your heads out of the coal pit

14 Sep 18 - By PETER HOLDING | Farmers are dealing with increasingly extreme weather as a result of global warming. We need meaningful action now.

OPINION: Don't be fooled, weather is not climate

7 Sep 18 - By KATE MARVEL, climate scientist | I’m going to say something controversial. As a climate scientist, I predict a sustained, noticeable, and severe cooling trend across the Northern Hemisphere.

OPINION: Good intentions are not enough

23 Aug 18 - By GREG CAMPBELL | When 60 chief executives of large New Zealand companies recently committed to a transition to a low- emissions economy, some environmentalists were wary.

OPINION: Climate denial soon won’t even benefit oil companies

2 Aug 18 - By PHIL McDUFF | The damage caused by our addiction to burning fossil fuels will be so widespread that nobody stands to gain.

OPINION: Let's charge the high-emitting vehicles

Alastair Davis

27 Jun 18 - By Toyota NZ chief executive ALASTAIR DAVIS | The Productivity Commission’s draft on the move to a low-carbon emission economy through a Zero Carbon Act is a sound report on what lies ahead.

OPINION: If energy grew on trees

20 Jun 18 - By JONATHAN McKEOWN | It is always refreshing when structures and processes work as they were designed to. It’s an absolute triumph when it involves the public sector, an industry body and business.

OPINION: Military won't ride to the rescue

Nick Buxton

8 Jun 18 - The Australian Senate’s declaration last month that climate change is a “current and existential national security risk” was clearly intended to inject much-needed urgency into the country’s climate...

OPINION: Welcome to the revolution

James Shaw

7 Jun 18 - Climate minister James Shaw says we’re in the midst of a new Industrial Revolution – and that’s why he’s asking for input on the Zero Carbon Bill before it’s drafted.

OPINION: Meet Justin Trudeau, the newest oil executive

1 Jun 18 - By BILL McKIBBEN | In case anyone wondered, this is how the world ends: with the cutest, progressivest, boybandiest leader in the world going fully in the tank for the oil industry.

OPINION: Beware of a grumpy public

Niel Walker

31 May 18 - By NEIL WALKER | In Gilbert and Sullivan's opera The Gondoliers, we hear about a king "in wonder working days of old whose heart was twice as good as gold", but who, in the end, "although no one...

OPINION: Ministers have gone deaf

Brian Cox

30 Apr 18 - The Productivity Commission might be talking about big things from the energy sector, but the Government doesn’t seem to want to know, says Bioenergy Association chief executive BRIAN COX.

OPINION: What the shipping deal really means

20 Apr 18 - Real hard work is about to begin after last week's deal at the IMO, writes BILL HEMMINGS, shipping director at Transport & Environment, a sustainability NGO.

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