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BP faces shareholder challenge over carbon targets

11 Dec 18 - BP, Chevron and ExxonMobil face a shareholder challenge to set carbon targets in line with the Paris Agreement, as a green group seeks to repeat its success in pressuring Shell to set environmental benchmarks.

New round opens for Taranaki permits

29 Nov 18 - The process to issue new exploration permits in the last part of the country in which they are allowed is under way.

Biofuel land grab will squeeze nature’s space

22 Nov 18 - Growing enough greenery to provide cleaner fuel and slow climate change will need a biofuel land grab: a 10 to 30-fold rise in land devoted to green crops.

Dead fish new power behind high-polluting cruise ships

20 Nov 18 - Waste fish parts will be used to power ships in a new initiative to use green energy for polluting cruise liners.

NZ scientists work on safer batteries

16 Nov 18 - New Zealand researchers have created a new plant-based electrolyte that could be the key to making safer and more environmentally friendly batteries.

EECA wants feedback on $14m energy fund

14 Nov 18 - The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority is seeking feedback on its proposed $14 million energy levy-funded activities for next year.

Oil and gas exploration ban becomes law

8 Nov 18 - New oil and gas exploration is now banned from New Zealand’s waters and from most of its land.

Big hydropower dams unsustainable, says study

8 Nov 18 - Large-scale hydropower dams are unsustainable in the developing world, according toi new research.

Compressed air could be our energy friend

30 Oct 18 - If energy storage were available at sufficiently low cost and high performance, renewable energy would rapidly displace all other generation forms.

Oil countries will have to change their ways

30 Oct 18 - A changing energy system is posing “critical questions” for many of the world’s largest oil and gas producing countries, the International Energy Agency says.

Hydrogen offers hope for island dwellers

29 Oct 18 - Hydrogen power and renewable energy offer hope to islanders and others in remote communities who now have to rely on fossil fuels.

Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes

25 Oct 18 - When high winds meet tall sails in the right place, something’s got to give. Offshore wind farms might lead to weakened hurricanes.

NZ signs hydrogen agreement with Japan

24 Oct 18 - New Zealand and Japan are working together to transition away from a reliance on fossil fuels with the signing of an agreement on hydrogen, says energy minister Megan Woods.

Solar is here to stay, but where are the boats?

24 Oct 18 - There's nothing novel about vehicles using alternatives to the internal combustion engine, but solar and battery-powered boats are rarely in the conversation.

Big Gas wants exploration ban put on hold

17 Oct 18 - Five of the country’s biggest users of natural gas want the Government’s ban on exploration for new reserves put on hold while a “detailed” assessment of the role of gas is carried out.

Bioenergy will lead the way, predicts IEA

11 Oct 18 - “Modern” bioenergy will lead the global expansion of renewable energy up to 2023, the International Energy Agency says in its latest forecast.

Three decades later, Chernobyl goes solar

9 Oct 18 - Ukraine has unveiled a solar plant in Chernobyl, just across from where a power station, now encased in a giant sarcophagus, caused the world’s worst nuclear disaster three decades ago.

Wind-solar hybrid means 24-hour energy

8 Oct 18 - A power project in Ohio will take advantage of solar's midday burst of energy and wind's all-day power to provide more consistent clean energy to the grid.

Regional energy leaders to talk transition

2 Oct 18 - Political and energy sector leaders from across Asia and the Pacific will converge in Wellington later this month to talk about the implications on the region’s energy systems of the low-carbon...

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