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Thank the seagulls – guano makes the world go round

16 Feb 18 - Three new studies of how the world works show that seabird excrement plays an unexpected role, as do polar algae and rotting trees.

Victoria University think-tank up there with the best

14 Feb 18 - The New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute has been named one of the best environmental policy think-tanks in the world.

WONDER WOOD: New material could replace steel in building

14 Feb 18 - A type of super-strong wood, which could replace the use of steel in manufacturing, has been developed by US researchers.

Climate change might cause birds to hatch early

12 Feb 18 - Climate change might cause birds' eggs to hatch early, a new study shows.

Is paint stripper causing new problems for the ozone layer?

8 Feb 18 - The ozone layer that protects people from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is not recovering over most highly populated regions, warn scientists.

Negative emissions have ‘limited potential’

2 Feb 18 - The potential for using negative emissions technologies to help to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement could be more “limited” than previously thought, says a new report.

When the heat's at its worst, trees will sweat to stay alive

2 Feb 18 - Climate experiment shows trees release water but stop absorbing carbon in extreme heat.

Telling the story is climate panel's problem

1 Feb 18 - The IPCC is taking guidance on how to communicate its crucial findings beyond speciality scientific and policy circles.

Biomining delivers the elements of the future

1 Feb 18 - Biomining is the kind of technique promised by science fiction: a vast tank filled with microorganisms that leach metal from ore, old mobile phones and hard drives.

How our climate research was turned into fake news

1 Feb 18 - Science is slow. It rests on painstaking research with accumulating evidence. This makes for an inherently uneasy relationship with the modern media age, especially once issues are politicised.

Breakthrough could mean seawater fuel of the future

31 Jan 18 - Advances in electrolysis technology bring seawater one step closer as the fuel of the future.

Our phosphorus levels are getting dangerous

30 Jan 18 - Man-made phosphorus pollution is reaching dangerously high levels in freshwater basins, new research says.

El Nino and emissions are the reasons it's so hot

30 Jan 18 - Record hot temperatures over the past few years are down to the El Niño weather pattern releasing huge amounts of heat caused by greenhouse gas emissions, scientists say.

We must change what we eat, say scientists

25 Jan 18 - Big diet changes – possibly incentivised by taxes on foods with a high carbon footprint - are coming if the world is to avoid dangerous levels of climate change, scientists say.

NZ gets more low marks for environment action

24 Jan 18 - New Zealand, which sells itself as 100 per cent pure, has been given another bad report card for environmental performance.

Geoengineering has a downside, say scientists

23 Jan 18 - Geoengineering to reverse climate change could wipe out more species than it saves, scientists are warning.

How artificial intelligence will make government obsolete

1 Dec 17 - Amazon, Microsoft and Google are among those in a race to hire artificial intelligence researchers to advance their efforts on autonomous vehicles, medical diagnostics and a range of other ventures.

New report has dire climate-change warnings

29 Nov 17 - As many as one in six species faces extinction as a result of climate change, scientists are warning in a new report.

Capt Cook's karaka leaves hold clues to our changing climate

29 Nov 17 - Karaka leaves gathered by naturalists on board HM Bark Endeavour nearly 250 years ago are helping today’s researchers to understand climate change.

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