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Recycled water could be key to sustainable development

Tuesday - By 2025, absolute water scarcity will be a daily reality for an estimated 1.8 billion people.

Polluting of rivers must be stopped, says OECD

Monday - Pollution of waterways by agriculture must be tackled to protect the world’s fresh water, the OECD is warning.

Chinese city plans to pump water from Russia

9 Mar 17 - China is reportedly considering plans to build a 1000km pipeline to pump water all the way from Siberia to its drought-stricken northwest.

Mexico City, parched and sinking, faces a water crisis

20 Feb 17 - Climate change is threatening to push a crowded capital toward a breaking point.

Citizen power big help in the battle to protect water

14 Dec 16 - Citizen-science monitoring of water is a win-win for scientists and volunteers – one gains access to new data, and the other the skills and confidence to become involved in discussions over what is happening to their streams, new research shows.

Careless companies hit by rising water costs

28 Nov 16 - Companies worldwide are being warned that taking water preservation measures is now vital, and that those who fail to act are likely to face mounting financial losses.

Chile’s freemarket water scheme brings conflict

2 Nov 16 - Is water a basic human right or something with an inherent economic value? The answer to this question has led to decades of conflict in Chile.

Ontario wants to cap bottled water industry

19 Oct 16 - The Ontario government has proposed a two-year moratorium on the creation or expansion of bottled water operations fed by groundwater in the Canadian province.

Polluted rivers become deadly threat to millions

26 Sep 16 - More than half the rivers of Asia, Africa and Latin America have become more dangerous in the past 20 years, with steep rises in organic and pathogen pollution.

Good news or bad for our river water quality?

Dr Scott Lanard

15 Aug 16 - Improvements in some components of river water quality are encouraging, but it’s too early to declare victory, says NIWA’s Dr Scott Larned.

We've got water, what we need is a better way of knowing how much

9 Jun 16 - Water crises seem to be everywhere. In Flint, the water might kill us. In Syria, the worst drought in hundreds of years is exacerbating civil war.

How to achieve sustainable clean water for everyone

8 Jun 16 - The provision of clean, safe drinking water in much of the world is one of the most significant public health achievements of the past century – and one of the foundation stones of a healthy society.

Dams could be backup for melted glacier water

2 Jun 16 - Building dams at the bottom of disappearing glaciers to capture the runoff from melting mountain snow will be needed later this century to prevent widespread water shortages in the summer months.

$100m water package fails to impress scientists

27 May 16 - The Government's $100 million package to clean up water ways will do little while pollution is allowed to continue, scientists say.

Congrats, Colorado ... first it was pot, now it's rain barrels

16 May 16 - Before Governor John Hickenlooper last week signed a bill legalising rain barrels, it was a crime to catch and use rainwater in Colorado. Yes, the state legalised recreational use of marijuana before...

Mangroves might help to combat climate change

21 Apr 16 - Scientists from 13 research institutions across India are studying the carbon sequestration potential of mangroves, under plans to use the species to build resilience to climate change in coastal...

Asia facing severe water shortages by 2050

18 Apr 16 - Within 35 years, China and India - where roughly half the world's population lives - might be facing what scientists are calling a "high risk of severe water stress".

Rainfall patterns cloud changes in climate

8 Apr 16 - Analysis of data stretching back 12 centuries reveals questions surrounding climate models that have linked wet and dry weather extremes to current temperature rise.

Why water footprinting should be used with caution

7 Apr 16 - It seems logical that crops and goods that need lots of water should not be produced in water-scarce countries.

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