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Green-building rating is sustainability's secret weapon

27 Sep 17 - Green building rating systems are an essential tool in the fight to achieve a net zero emissions built environment.

TRASH TOWERS: Eleven-storey mansion made from rubbish

22 Sep 17 - First prize in a tropical architecture design competition went to an 11-storey marvel built using recycled building materials, waste plastic and glass bottles.

Vancouver wants to be the world's greenest by 2020

20 Sep 17 - Vancouver - the mountain-fringed, bicycle-friendly, pot-loving host of the 2010 Winter Olympics - wants to be the world’s greenest city by 2020.

PEDESTRIAN POWER: Where is the world's most walkable city?

14 Sep 17 - From New York’s cafe squares to the laneways of Melbourne, pedestrian paradises combine safety, beauty and comfort. Now urban planners are taking note as they seek to hand back cities to the walkers.

Going to Dubai? Take a bike

6 Sep 17 - Dubai has approved the construction of 500km of bicycle lanes as part of air pollution mitigation efforts.

How will the world's hottest city survive climate change?

21 Aug 17 - The summer temperature in Kuwait now frequently touches 50deg. The Gulf state last year was awarded the grim prize of being the hottest place on Earth, when temperatures reached a staggering 54deg.

Minorities and the poor victims of worsening city heat

15 Aug 17 - ABOUT 60 per cent of the world’s city dwellers have experienced warming twice as great as the rest of the world.

Mayors demand English acts on climate change

25 Jul 17 - New Zealand’s mayors want a national emissions reduction plan and a stocktake of the likely cost to the country of climate change – something Prime Minister Bill English has steadfastly rejected.

Satellites zero in on dangerous urban heat islands

21 Jul 17 - Cities are getting hotter as the planet warms, and the consequences can be deadly - a heat wave hit Russia in 2010 and killed 55,000 people.

Cape Town shares water lessons of record drought

21 Jul 17 - Cape Town, experiencing its worst drought in 100 years, has taken the situation as an opportunity to seek solutions which could be of use in other parts of Africa.

Let buyers borrow more on greener homes, says report

20 Jul 17 - Homebuyers could take out bigger mortgages if the energy ratings of properties were factored into the lending criteria of banks and building societies, new research has found.

Steel town sets out to redesign the rustbelt

17 Jul 17 - The world is urbanising at a pace never before seen in human history. By 2050, 66 per cent of the world is projected to live in cities.

Communities and cities are getting on with the job

17 Jul 17 - As the international community putters along, cities and local communities are already staking out the front lines of the fight against climate change.

Apartment-dwellers can now join the solar boom

27 Jun 17 - Australians who live in apartments have largely been locked out of the solar revolution by a minefield of red tape.

Across the world, thousands of cities take up the climate call

23 Jun 17 - Faced with pollution and rising sea levels, cities around the world are setting targets at a record pace.

Government cripples cities' climate campaigns

20 Jun 17 - New Zealand’s two largest cities are failing to cut greenhouse gas emissions because of the Government’s lack of action on climate change, new research shows.

American cities find ways to play the game

20 Jun 17 - United States cities and states are increasingly seeking ways to play an active role in international climate change efforts.

No doubt about it, green streets are the way to go

19 Jun 17 - Green roofs and walls insulate buildings and soak up rain. And like trees and hedges, they absorb pollutants. What’s not to like?

Asian cities set to benefit most from green growth

7 Jun 17 - Asian cities will gain by about $1.5 trillion a year by 2030 if predictions on green and sustainable growth are proved correct.

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