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The decline of coal in China

9 Apr 21 - When President Xi Jinping committed China to achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 at the UN General Assembly, this was good news for many, including electric vehicle manufacturers and the renewable energies industries. One sector that stands to lose is the coal industry.

Bitcoin emissions threaten China's climate targets

8 Apr 21 - China powers nearly 80 per cent of the global cryptocurrencies trade, but the energy required could jeopardise its pledge to peak carbon emissions by 2030.

China to cut energy intensity, but no consumption cap

8 Mar 21 - China will cut energy intensity but has stopped short of setting a cap on energy use in its new development plan.

China’s dirty covid-19 recovery

2 Mar 21 - Official Chinese government figures show energy, steel and cement consumption rose in 2020, pushing emissions up as Beijing is expected to reveal its 2025 targets.

China’s energy agency floats increase in renewables target

12 Feb 21 - China’s National Energy Administration is considering an increase in the ambition of the country’s clean energy programme this decade.

China’s crackdown on illegal CFC gases is working

11 Feb 21 - A Chinese government crackdown on producers and buyers of illegal CFC gases is working, research has found.

China might ban coal-power investment abroad

4 Dec 20 - China’s environment ministry is proposing a crackdown on state involvement in building coal power plants abroad, in a report co-authored with international green groups.

European states ordered to respond to climate suit

1 Dec 20 - The European court of human rights has ordered 33 European governments to respond to a landmark climate lawsuit lodged by six youth campaigners, the Guardian has learned.

China to force firms to report use of plastic in new recycling push

1 Dec 20 - Restaurants, e-commerce platforms and delivery firms will be forced to report their utilisation of single-use plastics to the authorities and also submit formal recycling plans, China's commerce...

China hits out at US climate record

20 Oct 20 - China has slammed the United States’ environmental and climate record, in an extraordinary public attack less than two weeks before Americans go to the polls.

How China can be carbon-neutral by 2060

20 Oct 20 - Three weeks after China told the world it is aiming for carbon neutrality, an important study outlines a roadmap to that goal, and challenges along the way.

China's new climate goal could transform global heating

30 Sep 20 - If China hits its new emissions goal of going carbon-neutral before 2060, it will bring down global warming projections by around 0.2deg to 0.3 degrees Celsius, says Carbon Action Tracker.

China considers going ‘carbon neutral’, peaking emissions

18 Sep 20 - China is considering carbon neutrality as part of its long term climate plan, the country’s foreign ministry announced following a summit with EU leaders.

Petrochina pledges emissions cut

31 Aug 20 - Chinese oil and gas company PetroChina is promising to cut greenhouse gas emissions as falling oil prices caused a first-half net loss of $US4.36 billion.

Nitrous oxide from 11 Chinese plants a potential climate catastrophe

10 Aug 20 - Emissions controls worked perfectly at Chinese plants, until the Clean Development Mechanism dried up.

UN chief confronts China over coal boom,

24 Jul 20 - UN secretary-general António Guterres has urged China to stop funding coal projects, warning the Paris climate agreement goals will slip out of reach if the world fails to deliver a green recovery to...

China’s Erin Brockovich goes global to stop China

22 Jun 20 - Environment lawyer Zhang Jingjing has worked in 20 countries since 2015 to help clean up or shut down Chinese-owned mines, power plants or industrial projects.

Why is there so much furore over China’s Belt and Road?

2 Jun 20 - There were certainly questions asked when Victoria first signed a memorandum of understanding to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative in 2018, but it wasn’t until the past week that the criticism...

Belt and Road backers failing to protect nature

12 May 20 - The financial backers of China’s Belt and Road Initiative are being accused of failing to require safeguards to protect nature.

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