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South Africa set to introduce carbon tax

Friday - South Africa is on course to put a price on carbon pollution, after the National Assembly this week passed a long-awaited Carbon Tax Bill.

Now it's the teachers' turn to strike for climate

Friday - Teachers will follow on the heels of striking UK students tomorrow with a protestto demand the national curriculum be reformed to make the climate and ecological crisis an educational priority.

How the world got hooked on palm oil

Friday - It’s the miracle ingredient in everything from biscuits to shampoo. But our dependence on palm oil has devastating environmental consequences. Is it too late to break the habit?

US cities will see their climate heading south

Friday - Climate change means a big shift for city dwellers worldwide. Americans can look ahead to very different cities as the US climate heads south.

DON'T FEED THE MONSTER: People stop buying new clothes

Friday - A growing movement eschews fast fashion in favour of secondhand clothing. Is this the biggest personal change that can be made for the environment?

Coal giant Glencore to limit production

Thursday - Commodities giant Glencore has bowed to pressure from shareholders to limit coal production for environmental reasons.

Scientist made global warming a household term

Thursday - The scientist who made “global warming” a household term as he fought to popularise the view that greenhouse gases could lead to a dramatic climate change has died aged 87.

TISSUE ISSUE: Are our ancient forests paying a heavy price?

Thursday - The world’s largest tissue-paper companies are being accused of exacerbating climate change and destroying ancient forests to make toilet rolls.

Majority of European firms have no reduction targets

Wednesday - Most European companies have no target for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions even though 80% see climate change as a business risk, a survey has found.

Florida is drowning ... but they're still building condos

Wednesday - People tend to respond to immediate threats and financial consequences – and Florida’s coastal real estate might be on the cusp of delivering that harsh wake-up call.

Renewable energy will be tops by 2040, says BP

Wednesday - Renewable energy will be the world’s main source of power within two decades, according to BP.

UK plans to make plastic producers pay

Wednesday - Britain is about to set out plans to overhaul its recycling system, including making plastic packaging producers pay the full cost of dealing with their waste.

Our biggest animals are being hunted to extinction

Wednesday - The world’s biggest animals – the largest birds, the bigger mammals and even reptiles, sharks and amphibians – are in increasing danger of extinction.

Angry islanders reject rights swap idea

Enele Sopoaga

Tuesday - Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga has angril rejected the idea that islanders would exchange maritime rights for Australian citizenship, telling Canberra to focus on breaking its coal addiction

Ireland lays ground for stronger climate action

Tuesday - Ireland’s struggle with climate change cuts to the heart of people’s daily lives and reflects the country’s revival after recession: more cars on the road and thriving cattle farms.

Ice voyage will explore ocean hidden for 100,000 years

Tuesday - Scientists are setting out to explore an Antarctic marine realm that was hidden from the Sun for more than 100,000 years.

Scientists feel under attack over Adani work

Tuesday - Australian scientists say relentless, sustained, and needlessly personal media attacks on those analysing the impacts of the Adani coalmine undermines the role of science.

Changing weather could make food less safe

Tuesday - Governments must pay more attention to food safety, and address the issue in their action plans to tackle climate change, say officials and researchers.

Sharp rise in methane threatens climate targets

Monday - Dramatic rises in atmospheric methane are threatening to derail plans to hold global temperature rises to 2deg, scientists have warned.

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