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Top climate scientist blasts fracking plans

Monday - One of the world’s leading climate scientists, James Hansen, has launched a scathing attack on the UK government’s fracking programme, accusing ministers of aping Donald Trump and ignoring scientific evidence.

Scrapping grants for hybrid cars 'astounding'

Monday - Incentives for consumers to buy hybrid and electric cars rather than diesel or petrol alternatives have been slashed by the UK government, adding thousands of pounds to the price of a new low-emission vehicle.

A million electric vehicles in the US. So what?

Monday - Sometime this month, a million electric vehicles will have been sold in the United States. But does it matter?

Reality bites for Australian farmers

Monday - A new study shows that 43 per cent of Ausralian farmers accept climate change poses a risk to their region, compared with just 32 per cent five years ago.

BBC to show first climate film since 2007

Monday - A 90-minute film with the working title Two Degrees will be shown on BBC television next March. It will be the first time BBC One has aired a primetime documentary dedicated to the topic of climate change since 2007.

Forestry boom turns Ireland into an ecological dead zone

Friday - Sponsored conifer plantations now cover hundreds of hectares of what once was rich farmland in Ireland, smothering the landscape and driving out endangered wildlife.

And the worst plastics polluter is ... Coca-Cola

Friday - Sugary drinks giant Coca-Cola, a company valued at $US56.4 billion, has emerged as by far the most common brand in audits of plastic debris found on beaches and in waterways, parks and streets.

Why we must drastically cut amount of meat we eat

Friday - A major study finds huge changes to farming are needed to avoid destroying Earth’s ability to feed its population.

Climate strategy has Trudeau firmly on back foot

Friday - When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau swept into power in 2015, he pledged to make fighting climate change a top priority for his government.

‘Disappointed’ EU ministers agree on CO2 cuts

Friday - Some EU environment ministers admitted they were disappointed with the outcome after they voted to agree on a 35 per cent cut in car and van CO2 emission for 2030.

Vehicle made from recycled plastic to explore the ice

Friday - A vehicle powered by the sun and made out of plastic waste is set to explore Antarctica.

Trump says he'll have a look at IPCC report

Thursday - US President Donald Trump says he ‘will be looking at’ the UN report warning that unprecedented changes are needed to avoid extreme heat, floods and poverty.

Now near 100m bpd, when will oil demand peak?

Thursday - Sometime in the next few weeks, global oil consumption will reach 100 million barrels per day - more than twice what it was 50 years ago - and it shows no immediate sign of falling.

Bioenergy will lead the way, predicts IEA

Thursday - “Modern” bioenergy will lead the global expansion of renewable energy up to 2023, the International Energy Agency says in its latest forecast.

Likely Brazil leader is full of climate threats

Jair Bolsonaro

Thursday - No more Paris Agreement. No more ministry of environment. A paved highway cutting through the Amazon. That's what Jair Bolsonaro will bring to the presidency of Brazil.

ROBOBEES: Scientists say they can make drones to take over

Thursday - Dutch scientists say they can create swarms of bee-like drones to take over if the insects die out.

Dutch court shoots down government appeal

Thursday - The Dutch government must stick to a tougher climate target, after an appeals judge upheld a historic court ruling.

Global energy sector's emissions keep growing

Wednesday - Carbon emissions from the energy sector are on track to grow for the second year running, in a major blow to hopes the world might have turned the corner on tackling climate change.

Australia rejects IPCC call to dump coal

Wednesday - The Australian government has rejected the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report’s call to phase out coal power by 2050, claiming renewable energy cannot replace baseload coal power.

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