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Forgotten coal mines harbour methane problem

Wednesday - Unregulated, unnoticed coal mines across the US are leaking a potent greenhouse gas with the same greenhouse effect as 13 million cars.

Cows could help ease methane leak impact

13 Aug 18 - Cows will play a key part in a nearly $120 million settlement which, if approved, aims to mitigate the climate impact of one of the largest US natural gas leaks.

California hits back at Trump's car pollution move

10 Aug 18 - California has struck back at the Trump administration over air pollution, unveiling a proposal that would force carmakers to comply with the state’s strict standards for tailpipe emissions.

The crisis facing California ... and what will happen next

10 Aug 18 - Three scientists explain the unprecedented danger facing the western US and call for new solutions to a growing threat.

Ocean spot records warmest temperature in 100 years

9 Aug 18 - Researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography have recorded the warmest sea surface temperature in more than 100 years near a pier in San Diego.

EPA wants to redefine the dangers of soot

8 Aug 18 - Against all prevailing science, the US Environmental Protection Agency is suggesting a “safe” threshold for particulate pollution.

GOP and Big Oil can't escape the blame for climate change

7 Aug 18 - The New York Times magazine has devoted an issue to a single story that explores how close we came to an international climate agreement in 1989 ... and why we failed.

California vows to fight as EPA acts to scrap car rules

3 Aug 18 - The Trump administration has moved to weaken US vehicle emissions standards and has set up a major confrontation with California by scrapping its ability to enact stricter pollution rules.

Experts fear the age of extreme fire has arrived

1 Aug 18 - California's increasingly ferocious wildfires are not an aberration – they are the new reality, experts believe.

US spends $20b a year on fossil fuel subsidies

31 Jul 18 - While most of the world recognises the need to leave fossil fuels in the ground, the US is giving the fossil fuel industry billions to extract more.

Feel free to ruin public land, Trump tells miners

27 Jul 18 - The Trump administration will no longer require oil drillers, miners and other industries to compensate for damage they cause to public lands.

Washington’s political lobbying shackles science

26 Jul 18 - Money talks, says a study of Washington’s political lobbying and its influence on climate change law. Most of the most vocal money comes from big energy.

Baltimore sues 26 fossil fuels companies ...

23 Jul 18 - Baltimore's waterfront revitalisation has become a model for urban development, but sea level rise and extreme weather are putting its future at risk.

... and judge pours cold water on New York hopes

23 Jul 18 - A federal judge has dismissed New York City's lawsuit against five of the world's largest oil companies, dealing a setback to local governments that are trying to hold the fossil fuel industry...

California's mega farms display their dark side

20 Jul 18 - The floor of California's Central Valley is slumping, and there is arsenic in the tap water. It seems the two problems are connected.

SCIENCE UNDER SIEGE: Behind the scenes at the EPA

17 Jul 18 - Uncertainty, hostility and irrelevance are now part of daily life for scientists at the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Pence’s failed gas stations cost taxpayer $20M

17 Jul 18 - The gas station chain that was owned by US Vice-President Mike Pence's family has left more than $20 million worth of environmental remediation costs for Indiana taxpayers.

Heatwave could be making Americans think

13 Jul 18 - Record-breaking high temperatures across much of North America appear to be shaping people’s thinking, a survey finds.

Six ways Andrew Wheeler could reshape the EPA

11 Jul 18 - Former US coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler inherits some important decisions from Scott Pruitt at the EPA, including on the Clean Power Plan, auto standards, methane and use of science.

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