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Here's to a happy (and low-carbon) Christmas

15 Dec 17 - It has been a busy year – domestic carbon prices climbed nearly $3, New Zealand ratified the Paris Agreement and pledged to be carbon-neutral by 2050, and, for the first time, climate change was an election issue, of sorts.

Insurance giant dumps investments in tar sands

14 Dec 17 - One of the world’s biggest financial services companies is both dumping investments and ending insurance for controversial US oil pipelines.

Big investors put pressure on carbon emitters

13 Dec 17 - The biggest New Zealand and Australia institutional investors are among more than 225 global investors with more than $37.5 trillion in assets under management promising to “engage” the world’s largest emitting companies to act on climate change.

Business chiefs call for carbon transparency

11 Dec 17 - Leading chief financial officers, chairs of pension funds and the chief executives of global accounting bodies – including one from New Zealand - are calling for transparency about carbon exposure.

The eco-friendly guide to online Christmas shopping

5 Dec 17 - Shopping can be confusing at the best of times, and trying to find environmentally friendly options makes it even more difficult.

NZ Post takes out sustainability award

1 Dec 17 - Working with the Red Cross has won New Zealand Post the top prize in the Sustainable Business Network awards this year.

WASTE SIZE: Stella McCartney makes fashion industry stand

30 Nov 17 - Clothes must be designed differently, worn for longer and recycled as much as possible to stop the global fashion industry consuming a quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050.

Big businesss targets unambitious, say analysts

30 Oct 17 - Nearly nine out of 10 of the world’s biggest companies have plans in place to reduce carbon emissions, new research has found, but only a fifth of them are doing so for 2030 and beyond.

Big brands promise 100% sustainable cotton by 2025

17 Oct 17 - Major clothing and textile companies, including Burberry, Adidas, Timberland, and Levi’s have pledged to use 100 per cent sustainable cotton by 2025.

You can put a price on a tree (even though it's priceless)

13 Oct 17 - What is something worth? How do you put a dollar value on something like a river, a forest or a reef?

EY finds smart investors dodging carbon exposure

Dr Matthew Bell

11 Oct 17 - Two-thirds of the investors surveyed by international accountancy company EY have already changed their investments because of carbon exposure.

Big banks slow to track emissions portfolios

11 Oct 17 - The World Bank is aiming to put 28 per cent of its funding into climate-related projects by 2020. But it does not track the greenhouse gas emissions of its portfolio, let alone have a target to...

Climatecoin lines up the carbon markets

9 Oct 17 - Blockchain – the technology developed by cryptocurrency pioneer Bitcoin to knock financial intermediaries out of transactions – has the carbon markets in its sights.

My company's carbon footprint is the size of a small country

9 Oct 17 - Global businesses are, quite rightly, under scrutiny for what they are doing to tackle challenges such as climate change and poverty, writes STEPHEN BADGER, chairman of Mars Inc.

Evian launches carbon-neutral bottling plant

25 Sep 17 - Evian has introduced its first carbon-neutral bottling facility as part of the company’s plans to become 100 per cent carbon neutral by 2020.

Better 'use by' labels, less food waste

22 Sep 17 - Simplifying "sell by" dates should help to reduce food waste, which releases greenhouse gases as it rots in landfills. The move could save people money, too.

GREEN IS GO: Investors seek good businesses

21 Sep 17 - Institutional investors in New Zealand and Australia want to put more money into good green businesses – if they can find them.

Big Business makes commitment to electric vehicles

21 Sep 17 - A coalition of global corporations has launched a global campaign to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles.

San Miguel pulls plug on bottled water business

21 Sep 17 - Asian beverage giant San Miguel Corporation announced that it will soon discontinue its bottled water business as part of its strategy to limit plastic waste.

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