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Tax havens hide companies wrecking environment

Tuesday - Money channelled through secretive tax havens has been used to fuel deforestation in the Amazon and illegal fishing around the world, racking up a heavy environmental toll.

What's the story with heatwaves?

Tuesday - This year has seen record-breaking temperatures across the globe. What is at risk in this increased heat?

Giants came in handy for explaining climate damage

Tuesday - Tales of giants helped people to explain the sometimes cataclysmic changes to the environment they saw around them.

Crucial climate fund facing massive challenges

Monday - The future of the UN’s major climate fund hangs in the balance, with a looming cash shortfall and a boardroom locked in conflict.

Chemical recycling takes plastics back to oil

Monday - Some plastics cannot be recycled yet, but turning them back to oil could help to solve the problem.

Hotel chain grows own food at 600 sites

Monday - Around 600 of AccorHotel's sites across the world now grow their own produce on site for use in its restaurants and bars as part of food waste drive.

Air pollution a lethal blight that shames politicians

Friday - New studies linking heart disease to supposedly ‘safe’ levels of pollution lay bare the human cost of using fossil fuels.

Experts predict the arrival of Hothouse Earth

8 Aug 18 - Allowing the world to warm by even 2deg could threaten the existence of humans.

HISTORY OF HEAT: Scientists say we've been here before

8 Aug 18 - During the rise of mammals, Earth's temperatures spiked in a scary way that the planet might experience again soon. In New Zealand, life endured mean annual temperatures of up to 29deg ... 15deg...

Forest methane uptake falls by 77%, says study

8 Aug 18 - The amount of methane absorbed by forest soils has fallen by an average of 77 per cent in the northern hemisphere over the past 27 years, a new study finds.

Heatwave impact on soils could be worse than thought

8 Aug 18 - Climate change is altering the makeup of soil, with widespread impacts on plants, ecosystems and food security, according to scientists.

Latest figures show peak coal is getting closer

7 Aug 18 - Total global coal capacity continues to inch up, but a peak is on the horizon, new research shows.

Natural waste holds promise of safe plastic

7 Aug 18 - The good news is that safe plastic is not an impossible dream. Novel ways to tackle the tide of discarded material engulfing the planet are under development.

Why compostable plastics might be no better

7 Aug 18 - As companies move to get rid of single-use plastic bags and bans on microbeads are coming into force, new biodegradable or compostable plastic products seem to offer an alternative. But they might be...

How Big Oil lost control of its misinformation machine

6 Aug 18 - One of the longest and most consequential campaigns against science in modern history is becoming more extreme—and turning against its originators.

Time running out for Paris rulebook, warns Tyndall

6 Aug 18 - Climate negotiators need to “crank up the pace” on writing the rulebook for the Paris climate pact, co-chair New Zealander Jo Tyndall said as plans to streamline the process were published last week.

Clothing rental could be key to sustainable fashion industry

6 Aug 18 - Overconsumption and the inevitable disposal of unwanted clothing has become a worrying global problem – and in many cases, this clothing is unnecessarily thrown away. Instead, it could be repaired or...

MANURE COUTURE: Startup is making shirts out of cow poo

3 Aug 18 - Would you buy a shirt that has been through the back end of a cow? This could be a future fabric choice, according to a startup which is extracting cellulose from cowpats.

Why are there no blockbusters about climate change?

3 Aug 18 - Hollywood has generally relished existential threats to humanity so it’s a bit odd it has studiously ignored the biggest actual threat to humanity there is.

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Auckland takes zero-waste world crown

6 Dec 17 - Auckland is one of 10 international cities honoured today at the C40 Cities...

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