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Big emitters join hands to buy carbon forests

15 Mar 19 - Four of New Zealand’s largest emitters are joining forces to supply their own carbon credits to meet obligations under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Sorry, says expert, but Bitcoin can't be green

15 Mar 19 - Bitcoin can’t be green – even when it is powered by renewable energy, an expert says.

Report puts boardrooms on carbon liabilty notice

26 Feb 19 - The days of ignoring carbon prices and the risks associated with climate change are over, businesses are being told.

Insurers warn of slump in property prices

26 Feb 19 - Insurers say there is a risk of a climate change-related slump in property prices leading to financial turmoil.

Sustainability grows on private equity companies

26 Feb 19 - A new PwC survey has found that responsible investment and sustainable development are become more of a priority for private equity companies.

Why Gen Z has real power to influence business

29 Jan 19 - Armed with social media and growing economic clout, Gen Z is best positioned to influence business practices, rather than global climate agreements.

NZX firms drag chain on sustainable reporting

26 Nov 18 - Companies on the New Zealand Stock Exchange have a long way to go on sustainable reporting, a new report shows.

Campaigners take aim at NZ-owned banks

22 Nov 18 - Three New Zealand-owned banks are the new targets of anti-fossil-fuel campaigners.

Big Business backs cuts to industry emissions

21 Nov 18 - A coalition of business leaders known as the Energy Transitions Commission has backed proposals for radical changes to industries, including steel, cement, shipping and aviation, to cut their...

Blockchain takes politics out of carbon play

15 Nov 18 - Businesses will soon be able to price and trade carbon without the help of governments by using blockchain technology, says a social enterprise about to launch a new carbon platform.

FUNDING FUTURE: Why green will rule over brown

15 Nov 18 - Directors of companies in the “brown” economy might struggle to attract money as investors switch to the green economy, says Chapman Tripp.

Bitcoin mining takes twice the effort

7 Nov 18 - The amount of energy required to mine one dollar’s worth of bitcoin is more than twice that required to mine the same value of copper, gold or platinum.

OPINION: It would help if companies paid their taxes

Wayne Swan

6 Nov 18 - By WAYNE SWAN | Less fiscal revenue means less money for vital infrastructure and less money to prepare for the effects of natural disasters.

Pioneering carbon investment fund opens doors

24 Oct 18 - A carbon investment fund six years in the making is open for business.

New power group takes aim at finance system

23 Oct 18 - Key companies and government officials are joining forces to prepare New Zealand’s financial system for the low-carbon economy.

Recycle grant helps firm to take back products

19 Oct 18 - An Auckland company which promises to take back its products has won a Government grant to help it to recycle.

Make nature your business, urges academic

Eva Collins

28 Sep 18 - Companies are being told to take a hard look at what they can do for New Zealand’s struggling biodiversity – because it’s good for business.

New report criticises slow disclosure

28 Sep 18 - Another report just released says companies are slow to disclose the financial implications of climate risk for their businesses.

Corporate tree-planting not always a good thing

28 Sep 18 - Eager-to-please businesses might earn goodwill by planting trees, but sometimes their actions are not good news for the planet.

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