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State should show the way, says bioenergy group

Today 9:00am - The Government needs to put its new energy efficiency strategy into place – and State-owned operations are the place to start, says the Bioenergy Assocation.

Fossil lobbies threaten to scupper renewables in South Africa

Today 9:00am - South African power utility Eskom recently repeated that it will not conclude supply contracts with the developers of new renewable energy power stations.

Closing nuclear plants threatens climate targets

Today 9:00am - Closing nuclear plants in Europe and North America from 2020 threatens global plans to cut carbon emissions unless governments build new nuclear plants or expand the use of renewables.

Cutting emissions would slow growth, officials claim

Wednesday - The Government is dealing with criticism of its industrial emissions target by turning it into a bottom line instead of a goal.

Science splits ranks over fossil fuel phase-out

Wednesday - US academics are arguing with ferocity about how to achieve a fossil fuel phase out. But, for now, the debate is entirely academic.

Energy major talks of falling fossil fuel demand

Tuesday - One of the world’s biggest energy companies sees problems ahead with falling fossil fuel demand and huge growth in renewables.

Renewable energy no longer niche investment

Monday - Institutional investors remain eager to put money to work on renewable energy projects even as US President Donald Trump has vowed to revive their chief competitor: coal.

Not so much coal about ... but we're burning more

23 Jun 17 - New Zealand’s coal consumption is climbing.

Top banks still lend billions to extract fossil fuels

23 Jun 17 - Some of the world’s top banks are continuing to lend tens of billions for extracting the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels, according to a report of top lenders.

Renewables investment by 2040 will be in the trillions

23 Jun 17 - More than $10 trillion will be invested in new power generation capacity by 2040, of which nearly three-quarters will be in renewables.

SUCKER PUNCH: Plant pulls CO2 directly from the air

23 Jun 17 - On the roof of a waste incinerator outside Zurich, a Swiss firm has built the world’s first commercial plant to suck CO2 directly from the air.

Government keeps lid on Buller mining papers

22 Jun 17 - The Government is refusing to release briefing papers on proposed new coal mines on the Buller Plateau.

Tyre mountains will be turned into biofuels

22 Jun 17 - An Otaki company with a plan to turn mountains of waste tyres into biofuels says the key to success is processing them at multiple sites around the country.

World’s largest coal company to retire 37 mines

21 Jun 17 - The largest coal mining company in the world, Coal India, has announced plans to decommission a total of 37 mines which are no longer economically viable.

OCEAN OIL: Algae strain doubles fuel production

20 Jun 17 - Making biofuel from algae has just got a little bit easier - a newly engineered strain produces twice as much oil as its wild parent.

Solar power will kill coal much quicker than anyone thought

19 Jun 17 - Solar power is becoming cheap enough to push coal and even natural-gas plants out of business faster than previously forecast.

TOWER POWER: Another solar system is on the march

16 Jun 17 - Solar generation systems can now produce electricity and store it for hours, using solar tower power without any need for batteries.

Global demand for coal falls for second year in row

15 Jun 17 - Global demand for coal has fallen for the second consecutive year, according to a BP study, helped by the US and China burning less of the dirtiest fossil fuel.

Coal is dead, says world’s largest investment group

14 Jun 17 - BlackRock investment group, with $5 trillion in assets, is bullish on electric cars and renewables.

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