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Super fund goes 40% low-carbon

16 Aug 17 - Forty per cent of the New Zealand Super Fund is now low-carbon.

FREE CREDITS: And the winner is NZ Steel

15 Aug 17 - New Zealand Steel is once again the big winner in the Government’s allocation of free carbon credits to industrial emitters.

Company gets $55,000 to fill rubbish bins

15 Aug 17 - The Government is giving $55,000 to a Tauranga company to develop an online waste-reduction workshop.

More investors will spurn fossil fuels

2 Aug 17 - Oil and gas shares offer diminishing returns, and more investors will spurn fossil fuels, though finding a new home for their money is not easy.

Climate-related damage bill climbs to $174 million

19 Jul 17 - This year’s bill for climate-related disasters in New Zealand has climbed to $174.7 million.

Green groups slam Coke's recycled plastic scheme

14 Jul 17 - Coca-Cola's plan to reduce the millions of plastic bottles that end up in the world’s oceans every day has been criticised by environmental groups as unambitious PR spin.

Shoppers can pick their own kai at the supermarket farm

14 Jul 17 - A German startup intends to distribute smart vertical farming systems to supermarkets, providing customers with the option to hand-pick fresh vegetables and herbs.

How a different climate will change business and work

12 Jul 17 - The planet, already feeling the effects of climate change, is also poised to cause irreversible shifts in the ways we work, and the skills that employers need.

Who checks corporate claims of climate leadership?

11 Jul 17 - Big companies say they are leading the way to a cleaner future, but with only voluntary disclosures to keep them honest we just have to trust them.

It's not just cars ... ports are going electric, too

10 Jul 17 - Led by the Port of San Diego, California’s dockyards are moving away from diesel machinery and plugging in.

Corporates stepping up to save the planet

3 Jul 17 - As US president Donald Trump reneges on climate change commitments, progressive businesses are implementing the measures themselves.

Disclosure must for all businesses, says Bloomberg

30 Jun 17 - All businesses – including banks - are being told to start disclosing their carbon exposure as soon as possible.

Apple issues second $1 billion green bond

16 Jun 17 - Technology conglomerate Apple has issued its second green bond valued at $US1 billion, making it the biggest issuer of green bonds pegged to the American dollar.

Business interest in CSR is growing

15 Jun 17 - Almost half New Zealand businesses say sustainability reporting should be mandatory, a new survey suggests.

Trump made us do it, says carbon-cutter Carlsberg

15 Jun 17 - Carlsberg has unveiled plans to reduce its brewery carbon emissions to zero, singling out Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate agreement as a motivating factor.

Investors push for more green reporting

14 Jun 17 - Investors are pushing companies for more meaningful environmental and social disclosure.

What is this thing called mitigation banking?

12 Jun 17 - Ask 12 people what mitigation banking is, and you’ll probably get 12 different answers – few if any of which would identify it as a key segment of the $25 billion ecological restoration economy.

English still quiet on cost of climate damage

Bill English

9 Jun 17 - Prime Minister Bill English says he has received no advice on the impact climate change could have on the economy.

Port Nelson gets wine trucks off the road

9 Jun 17 - A project to improve the efficiency of freight in the Marlborough wine industry has seen the Port of Nelson cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1600 tonnes – and earned it a gong.

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