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We're about to get funds trading in carbon

16 Oct 18 - New Zealand is about to get a managed funds service based on carbon.

Global carbon prices too low, warns OECD

20 Sep 18 - Carbon prices in major advanced economies are too low to cut greenhouse gas emissions and stave off the worst effects of climate change, says the OECD.

Calls for Government to act as carbon tops $25

31 Aug 18 - New Zealand carbon is trading over the unofficial cap price of $25, prompting new calls for the Government to hedge the country’s looming carbon debt.

Z Energy sinks $1.5m into forestry credits

10 Jul 18 - New Zealand’s voluntary carbon market has had a huge boost with the purchase of $1.5 million worth of forestry credits by one of the companies driving corporate support for the low-carbon economy.

TIME'S UP: It's Surrender Day for carbon emitters

31 May 18 - Today is Emissions Trading Scheme Surrender Day – the last day for emitters to surrender units to cover their emissions last year.

Shaw set to talk carbon markets in China

29 May 18 - Climate minister James Shaw is to visit the world’s largest carbon market – China.

Carbon markets back from the brink, says World Bank

25 May 18 - Global carbon markets have been brought back from the brink of collapse by recent developments providing a much-needed boost, according to the World Bank.

Early days, but Govt is talking to global markets

7 Mar 18 - The Government says it’s not yet formally involved in any moves to link the Emissions Trading Scheme to other markets, but it is talking to them.

NZ still sets the pace in world of trading schemes

1 Mar 18 - Fifteen per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions are now covered by trading schemes.

NZ could do good carbon deal now, says trader

Nigel Brunel

20 Feb 18 - The Government could hedge against its $10 billion future carbon bill now – with a money-back guarantee, says carbon trader Nigel Brunel.


7 Feb 18 - Spot NZUs opened at $21.20 bid and $21.45 offered this morning, after last fixing at $21.40.

Carbon breaks through $20 mark

7 Dec 17 - New Zealand carbon is selling for more than $20 a tonne for the first time since March 2011 – and it’s expected to go higher.

Broker backs hedging with European units

20 Nov 17 - Entities with future carbon liabilities should be thinking about hedging with European units – and that includes the country itself, says a leading carbon broker.

Papers show official eyes on cutting free credits

16 Nov 17 - Government officials have looked at cutting the allocation of free credits to some industrial emitters by between 1 per cent and 3 per cent a year.

Analysts up EU carbon price forecasts

13 Apr 17 - Analysts have significantly increased their forecasts for European carbon prices in the bloc's Emission Trading System for 2018 and 2019 to take into account the progress made in market reforms...

NZ-China work on links despite carbon tax talk

17 Mar 17 - Work on developing carbon-trading links between New Zealand and China is continuing, despite a report this week that China might go to a carbon tax instead of a national emissions trading scheme.

China hints at tax instead of trading in carbon

15 Mar 17 - China is moving closer to a carbon tax for cutting emissions and away from the EU’s emissions trading model, a senior Chinese official has said.

Carbon ends year having doubled its price

21 Dec 16 - Carbon closes the year nearly twice the price it was fetching this time last year.

NZ signs up with global carbon pricing group

2 Dec 16 - New Zealand has joined a World Bank group promoting carbon pricing.

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