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Burp-free cow food almost ready for market

Thursday - A seaweed that can cut livestock methane emissions is almost ready for commercial production, scientists say.

Heat-trapping gases soar to new levels

Thursday - Last year was the fourth-warmest since the 1800s and sea levels the highest on record, a new study finds.

Fracking pushes up methane count, says research

Thursday - Fracking is probably the reason atmospheric methane is rising, with the United States shale gas industry behind a third of the increase in global greenhouses gas emissions over the past decade, new research warns.

Media too soft on contrarians, says study

Wednesday - Journalists should give less space to climate contrarians, and scientists should assert their authority in the face of claims that climate-change science isnít settled, researchers say.

New world means new look at GM, say experts

Tuesday - New Zealand needs to reconsider gene-editing technology in light of climate change, says the co-chair of a Royal Society expert panel on the issue.

Protein diet would free up land, say scientists

9 Aug 19 - Americans could feed themselves on half the amount of land used now if they switched from meat to protein-conserving plants, scientists say.

No room now for doubt, say climate scientists

25 Jul 19 - Extensive historical data shows recent extreme warming is unprecedented in past 2000 years.

Roaches could soon become too tough for pesticides

5 Jul 19 - Cockroaches have become harder to kill and could soon be almost impossible to control using pesticides alone.

Glue could be simple solution to a sticky carbon problem

4 Jul 19 - Epoxy resins can be a key ingredient in making effective carbon-capture materials Ė and they have been staring us in the face for more than 70 years.

Scientists claim methane breakthrough

28 Jun 19 - Scientists are claiming a breakthrough in the quest to cut methane emissions from animals.

It's all about microbes, say scientists

19 Jun 19 - Humansí ability to survive and adapt to the changing climate might come down to microbes.

A weekly walk in the woods works wonders for the soul

17 Jun 19 - A dose of nature of just two hours a week is associated with better health and psychological wellbeing, scientists say.

Loss of plants will make a world of difference

11 Jun 19 - Up to a million species might go extinct due to human activity. We all know the mammals in trouble, but how many of us could name an endangered plant?

SNOW BUSINESS: Could flakes be a source of clean energy?

5 Jun 19 - Two scientists have developed a device that captures the electrical charge from falling snow.

Well-managed soils make better carbon stores

4 Jun 19 - Soils could store more carbon if they were managed better, scientists say.

Sky-spy will map all carbon emissions

31 May 19 - Europe is readying a new fleet of satellites that will monitor CO2 emissions at every point on earth, creating the first worldwide system to independently track polluters.

Humans held responsible for climate twists

27 May 19 - Researchers have found that greenhouse gases and pollution have almost singlehandedly shaped 20th century climate.

Turning methane into CO2 could help the fight

23 May 19 - Researchers have come up with a new technique to clean the atmosphere of the second-most powerful greenhouse gas people produce - methane.

New wonder material could change electronics

2 May 19 - A material with the potential to revolutionise a wide range of technologies was discovered by accident.

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