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SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: Many uses of captured CO2

Friday - When you get into bed tonight, curling up on your memory foam mattress and fluffy pillows, you could be helping to reduce climate change.

'Carbon sucking' technology a must by 2030s

12 Oct 17 - Large-scale projects to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere will be needed by the 2030s to hold the line against climate change, scientists have said.

Six Nobel prizes – what’s the fascination with the fruit fly?

10 Oct 17 - Drosophila share 60 per cent of human DNA, making them perfect for research that has led to vital strides in treating many ills. Now, scientists in the field have won yet another Nobel.

Emissions from warming soils could trigger disaster

9 Oct 17 - Warming soils are releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than previously thought, suggesting a potentially disastrous feedback mechanism.

FASHION FUTURE: Polyester will just keep on keeping on

4 Oct 17 - Scientists in Hong Kong have developed new technology that enables polyester to be harvested from unwanted textiles and recycled into new clothes.

The Plutocene is waiting ... and it isn't pretty

2 Oct 17 - Beyond the Anthropocene – the geological epoch marked by humankind’s fingerprint on the planet – lies an even more hostile era of our own making.

Tropical forests no longer doing the carbon job

29 Sep 17 - Tropical forests now emit more carbon than they are able to absorb from the atmosphere as a result of the dual effects of deforestation and land degradation, a new study says.

New biomaterial could replace plastic laminates

27 Sep 17 - Researchers from Penn State University have developed a compostable and economical alternative to plastic laminates in packaging.

Assumed safety of pesticide use is false, says top scientist

26 Sep 17 - Damning assessment by one of the UK’s chief scientific advisers says global regulations have ignored the impacts of dosing whole landscapes and must change.

Coal's a danger - even when sitting around doing nothing

18 Sep 17 - Even when sitting in uncovered piles, coal can pose dangers to human health.

POO POWER: Welcome to the new economy of excrement

15 Sep 17 - Entrepreneurs are finding profits turning human waste into fertiliser, fuel and even food.

How to make air conditioners 20% more efficient

14 Sep 17 - Specially designed fluid-filled roof panels can help to make air conditioning significantly more efficient, according to new research.

NANOMATERIALS: Massive problems, small solutions

14 Sep 17 - The list of environmental problems that the world faces may be huge, but some strategies for solving them are remarkably small.

GAS GUZZLERS: Methanotrophs show their muscle

5 Sep 17 - The soil bacteria that help to keep methane emissions under control are tougher than scientists thought, opening new possibilities for converting greenhouse gases to fuels.

Who said the warming target should be 2deg?

25 Aug 17 - If you read or listen to almost any article about climate change, it’s likely the story refers in some way to the “2 degrees Celsius limit.”

Fossil fuel business cops most blame for methane

24 Aug 17 - The extraction and burning of fossil fuels is responsible for much more methane in the atmosphere than scientists thought, research published today shows.

Should we trust climate science? Maybe eclipse is a clue

22 Aug 17 - Eclipse mania peaked today when millions of Americans upended their lives in response to a scientific prediction.

Social media can help keep tabs on ecosystems

16 Aug 17 - Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram could be a rich source of free information for scientists monitoring the health of coral reefs and other environmental assets.

To stop climate change, should we aim to dim the sky?

10 Aug 17 - Solar geoengineering is a controversial process to reduce heat. Some researchers say it might be humanity's last line of defense to stop greenhouse gas emissions.

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