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BARE FACTS: Australia's hidden climate crisis

Thursday - Farming communities in Australia are bitterly divided over an epidemic of land clearing they say is sabotaging efforts to address climate change.

Queensland wants to jail XR protesters

Wednesday - Queensland has proposed two-year jail sentences for Extinction Rebellion protesters caught with a locking device used to fix people in public places.

It’s only October, so what’s with all these bushfires?

Tuesday - Summer might be more than six weeks away, but out-of-control bushfires have already torn across parts of eastern Australia in recent days, destroying homes and threatening lives.

Jail climate protesters, says Australian minister

Peter Dutton

7 Oct 19 - Protesters who disrupt traffic should have their welfare payments cut and be subject to mandatory jail sentences, Australia's home affairs minister Peter Dutton has declared.

NSW considers laws to stop courts blocking coalmines

3 Oct 19 - The New South Wales government is considering legislation that could limit the ability for planning authorities to rule out coalmines projects based on the climate change impact of emissions from the coal once it is burned.

Towns prepare for 'unimaginable' water crisis

1 Oct 19 - Livelihoods in Australia are now at risk from drought worsened by climate change, a predicament more familiar to developing countries.

Queensland plans huge hydrogen projects

1 Oct 19 - Two huge renewable hydrogen projects have been planned for the heart of Queensland’s major coal and gas regions.

'It's heartbreaking': A town watches its beach wash away

30 Sep 19 - Stockton beach in New South Wales is being washed away by dramatic coastal erosion which has already claimed a childcare centre.

Mining magnate puts millions into war on plastics waste

26 Sep 19 - An Australian mining billionaire has launched a business-driven initiative to try to tackle the hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic waste produced every year.

Canberra switching to 100% renewable energy

23 Sep 19 - Canberra will become the first city outside Europe to shift from fossil fuel to 100% renewable energy.

Protest-rubbish photo is just that ... rubbish

23 Sep 19 - A hoax photo that claims to show rubbish left behind by Australian climate strike protesters is circulating on Facebook, despite being revealed as fake months ago.

Mine protesters tackle All Blacks on eve of World Cup

18 Sep 19 - A petition launched just days before the World Cup opens in Japan calls on the All Blacks to dump their principal sponsor AIG over ties to a controversial Australian coal mine development.

More Australians drown as summers heat up

17 Sep 19 - More Australians are drowning as the country faces record high temperatures, lifesavers have warned.

Australia launches emergency relocation of fish

12 Sep 19 - Faced with a ferocious summer with little rain forecast, the New South Wales government has embarked on a Noah’s Ark type operation to move native fish to safe havens.

More Australians fear effects of changing climate ...

11 Sep 19 - Australians are increasingly concerned about droughts and floods, extinctions and water shortages associated with climate change, according to new research.

... but the disaster minister has his doubts

11 Sep 19 - Australia’s minister responsible for drought and natural disasters, David Littleproud, has said that he doesn’t “know if climate change is manmade”.

Queensland coal goes to war with solar

6 Sep 19 - In Queensland, it seems the legacy coal generators are deciding not to ramp down as the market might expect. Instead, some observers suspect they are trying to force the solar plants out of the...

Doctors declare climate health emergency

4 Sep 19 - The Australian Medical Association has formally declared climate change a health emergency, pointing to “clear scientific evidence indicating severe impacts for patients and communities now and into...

Australia hits seven-year high on emissions

2 Sep 19 - Australia’s greenhouse gas status has worsened again, showing a 0.6 per cent rise in the March quarter to a seven year high of 538.9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

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