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How NASA tracks carbon emissions from space

Monday - Fires, drought and warmer temperatures were to blame for excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during the 2015-2016 El NiŮo, say scientists with NASAís Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2.

Puerto Rico wants Tesla to make it a showpiece

12 Oct 17 - Hurricane-hit Puerto Rico has urged Tesla to turn the islands into a flagship project that can show the world what solar and batteries can do.

The war on coal is over, says US environment chief

10 Oct 17 - ďThe war on coal is over,Ē EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt declared as he announced that this week he will sign a new rule overriding Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan.

Lawsuits try to paint green activism as a racket

9 Oct 17 - Logging and pipeline companies are using a new legal tactic to seek damages from Greenpeace and other groups. The long-shot cases are having a chilling effect.

Trump picks coal lobbyist to help to lead EPA

Andrew Wheeler

9 Oct 17 - President Trump's nominee to be second in command at the Environmental Protection Agency helped to kill bipartisan climate legislation during his time as a top Senate aide.

New York aims to be carbon neutral by 2050

5 Oct 17 - Donald Trumpís home city aligns its strategy with tough 1.5deg global warming limit, in defiance of the presidentís hostility to climate action.

Post-hurricanes, wetlands take on a new role

4 Oct 17 - As communities rebuild after hurricanes, a study shows that wetlands can significantly reduce property damage.

US eyes help for struggling coal and nuclear plants

3 Oct 17 - US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has taken sweeping steps to buttress a pair of financially strapped nuclear plants under construction and to redefine how coal and nuclear plants are compensated for...

Trump swaps 'climate change' for 'resilience'

3 Oct 17 - In the Trump administration's list of dos and don'ts, "climate change" is out and "resilience" is in.

Trump's next climate act is a bit of a mystery

2 Oct 17 - President Trump is preparing to repeal Barack Obamaís Clean Power Plan. But what would take its place remains a mystery.

Ontario joins California-Quebec carbon market

26 Sep 17 - Ontario has signed an agreement with California to enter its joint carbon cap and trade market with Quebec, from next January 1.

Can the United States afford another hurricane?

25 Sep 17 - The 2017 North Atlantic hurricane season still has about five weeks to go, but itís already one of the most expensive on record. Repeated storms are stretching the public and private sectors thin.

Trump told Paris Agreement is non-negotiable

19 Sep 17 - The terms of the Paris Agreement are set in stone, the EU, China and Canada agreed at a summit in Montreal at thge weekend, while Washington was forced to deny that the US is planning to stay in the...

Jerry Brownís climate coalition spreads the word

19 Sep 17 - California governor Jerry Brown's climate coalition list of city, state and national governments nears 200 and is shifting climate diplomacy beyond the caprices of national leaders.

Trump might replace Obama's big climate rule

18 Sep 17 - The Trump administration is opening the door to offering its own replacement for former President Barack Obama's landmark climate regulation ó rather than just erasing it altogether.

TRAGEDY TOWN: Community that took on the Kochs

12 Sep 17 - A new film tells the story of Crossett, Arkansas Ė a small town dominated by a Koch brothers-owned paper mill, blamed for dumping cancer-causing chemicals.

Storms lay costs of climate denial at Trumpís door

11 Sep 17 - The US presidentís dismissal of scientific research is doing nothing to protect the livelihoods of ordinary Americans.

Mars (the bars kind) counters Trump's climate craziness

8 Sep 17 - The corporate backlash is growing against Donald Trumpís withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, with Mars launching a $1bn sustainability plan and an M&Mís campaign centred on renewable energy.

BLOOM AND BUST: Sick seas hurt the housing market

8 Sep 17 - In the real estate business, itís all about location, location, location. Except when itís about water quality. And large algal outbreaks are a great way to dampen the value of waterfront property.

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