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India approves massive solar farm

7 Jun 18 - The Indian Government has given planning permission for a huge new solar project which is set to become one of the largest in the world.

Coal's all the rage in Indonesia

1 Jun 18 - Indonesia’s coal industry is enjoying a resurgence, driven both by rising demand from China and a push by Jakarta to build more coal-fired power plants.

Asia-Pacific dragging the chain, says UN

31 May 18 - The Asia-Pacific region is falling behind on climate action and conservation, according to the United Nations.

TEA TROUBLE: Weather changes could put Darjeeling in danger

29 May 18 - Gradual change in temperature and rainfall patterns in India's Darjeeling hills is beginning to affect production of one of the country's most famous teas.

Indian police kill 11 pollution protesters

25 May 18 - At least 11 people were killed and 80 wounded when police fired at protesters calling for the closure of a copper smelter in southern India.

India eyes hybrid solar-wind power plants

18 May 18 - India has released a draft policy for setting up hybrid wind-solar plants where both windmills and panels are put up on the same piece of land.

The true cost of making cities from the sea

4 May 18 - Asia is growing. Literally. From Malaysia to Dubai, luxury developments are rising on artificial islands and coastlines.

Dear sir, I'd like to order some e-vehicles ... 10,000 would do

20 Apr 18 - Indian ride-hailing firm Ola will add 10,000 electric three-wheelers to its fleet over the next 12 months.

Japan has a renewable energy puzzle

20 Apr 18 - As Japan rushes to cut carbon emissions by 26 per cent, campaigners worry that forests and wildlife are being trampled.

'The Beach' off limits as Thais count cost of climate change

5 Apr 18 - Maya Bay, made famous in the film “The Beach”, will be off limits to tourists for part of the year as Thailand seeks to protect eco-systems crumbling from warming seas and unchecked sprawl.

Tokyo admits rainforest timber used for stadium

1 Mar 18 - The Tokyo 2020 Olympics organising committee has confirmed that 87 per cent of the plywood panels used to build its new national stadium come from southeast Asian rainforests.

Singapore will charge carbon tax from next year

21 Feb 18 - Singapore will charge carbon polluters a new carbon tax from 2019.

Korea real cool, but the games are getting warmer

13 Feb 18 - PyeongChang turned on typical freezing South Korea weather for the first few days of the Winter Olympics … but overall the event is getting warmer.

Indonesia has bold plan to rewet the swamps

2 Feb 18 - A controversial Indonesian project to restore 2.5 million hectares of tropical peatland hinges on sustainable farming.

Local people tackle tide of beach plastic

30 Jan 18 - Local volunteers have collected more than 12,000 tonnes of plastic from a beach in Mumbai.

Climate change drives farmers from Mekong delta

24 Jan 18 - Saltwater intrusion and drought are destroying crops in one of the most fertile places on earth, prompting an exodus of farmers.

Thailand gets $1.1 billion for wind power project

15 Dec 17 - Southeast Asia’s leading solar energy nation -Thailand - could be the frontrunner in wind energy after renewables developer WEH secured funding for the region’s biggest wind power project.

Hyundai building battery bigger than Tesla's

8 Dec 17 - Tesla’s South Australia battery system won’t hold the title of world’s largest for long - Hyundai is building one 50 per cent bigger.

India to add 10,000 e-vehicles to official fleet

24 Nov 17 - India has called tenders for 10,000 electric vehicles as replacements for its official fleet.

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