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It's time for the oil industry to snuff out its flares

Today 11:00am - The World Bank reckons the 16,000 flares worldwide produce around 350m tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, causing untold harm.

Shareholders put Exxon under pressure

Today 11:00am - Exxon Mobil is under mounting pressure to address the collision course between its business model and climate protection, ahead of its annual general meeting this week.

There's no way we can plant our way out of trouble

Today 11:00am - Nothing, not even the creation of huge plantations of trees to absorb carbon dioxide, is a viable alternative to drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Global energy efficiency would slash CO2 emissions

Today 11:00am - Energy-efficient production could cut global carbon dioxide emissions by a quarter, a new study shows.

Australia vows to support Paris climate deal

Today 11:00am - The Australian government will support the Paris agreement on climate change regardless of whether or not US president Donald Trump pulls out.

BOB ON THE JOB: Dylan got it right, a hard rain's gonna fall

Today 11:00am - Europe, North America and tropical regions could all face even harder rainfall if fossil fuel emissions continue to increase global warming.

Welcome to Kabwe, the world's most toxic town

Today 11:00am - Almost a century of lead mining and smelting has poisoned generations of children in the Copperbelt town of Kabwe in Zambia.

Jobs ahead for 24m renewable energy workers

Today 11:00am - The number of people employed in the renewable energy sector across the globe could rise to 24 million by 2030.

Food industry is cooking the planet

Monday - One of the biggest contributors to climate change is the agricultural food industry, but the political will to tackle the issue is lacking.

Trump keeps world guessing on Paris intention

Monday - Donald Trump’s intentions regarding US participation in the Paris climate deal remained unknown yesterday.

‘Selfish’ genes contain the seeds of our destruction

Monday - The human race is in so much trouble that it needs to colonise another planet within 100 years or face extinction, says physicist Stephen Hawking.

TUNNEL VISION: New energy lines up job for old mines

Monday - Abandoned coal shafts could be turned into giant storage devices to hold vast amounts of renewable power.

New York building energy grid of the future

Monday - New York State is making a $5 billion bet that by making its power cleaner, it can become a magnet for the clean-energy jobs of the future.

World's largest floating solar platform just went on line

Monday - The world's largest floating solar energy platform has has gone on line in China.

Climate policies could mean 5% economic growth

Friday - The world's major economies could boost their long-term economic growth by 2.8 per cent with policies that lower greenhouse gas emissions and boost resilience to climate change impacts.

POPE'S PRESENT: What's in it for the President (if he reads it)?

Friday - Pope Francis gave visiting US President Donald Trump a copy of his seminal, 183-page encyclical letter - published in June 2015 - on the subject of climate change. If Trump reads it, what will he...

EU approved weedkiller after advice from US official

Friday - The European Food Safety Authority dismissed a study linking glyphosate to cancer following counsel with an EPA official allegedly linked to the maker Monsanto and who figures in more than 20...

TASTE TEST: Sub-standard seafood is missing the boat

Friday - Ocean warming and acidification are hurting the nutritional value - and the taste - of some seafood.

California e-car sales booming

Friday - Sales of electric vehicles in California increased 91 per cent in the first quarter of this year, compared with the same period in 2016.

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