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Biden vows net-zero farming emissions

23 Jul 19 - Joe Biden, frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for US president, has one of the more ambitious rural climate-related goals ... but could his plan actually achieve net-zero emissions?

US on path to extreme heat, warn scientists

22 Jul 19 - Widespread increases in extreme heat due to climate change could bring unprecedented risks to the US in coming decades, a new study has warned.

Alaska swelters in record temperatures

11 Jul 19 - Alaska, part of which lies inside the Arctic Circle, is sweltering under a heatwave, with record temperatures recorded.

US mayors pressure Congress on carbon pricing,

4 Jul 19 - The mayors of hundreds of US cities have called on Congress to pass legislation to put a price on carbon emissions.

Behind the Oregon walkout lies a sordid story

3 Jul 19 - For a brief moment, the standoff in Oregon over climate change legislation seemed like an amusing bit of Wild West political theatre.

US makes renewable energy breakthrough

28 Jun 19 - The US in April generated more electricity from renewable sources than coal for the first time,, new federal government data has shown.

Your coverage unacceptable, climate protesters tell media

26 Jun 19 - More than 70 protesters have been arrested outside the New York Times building as they called for more effective media coverage of the dangers of climate change.

Trump buries studies showing dangers to food supply

25 Jun 19 - The Trump administration has stopped promoting US government-funded research into how higher temperatures can damage crops and pose health risks.

Gas-guzzling US military one of the world's biggest emitters

24 Jun 19 - Scientists have identified the US military as one of the world’s great emitters of greenhouse gases, an agency which buys as much fuel as Portugal or Peru and emits more carbon dioxide than all of...

US seawalls come with $416 billion price tag

21 Jun 19 - Defending against rising seas could cost US communities $416 billion in the next 20 years, according to a new report.

New York approves ambitious climate plan

20 Jun 19 - New York politicians have reached a deal to create one of the most ambitious climate bills in the US, putting the progressive state on the front lines of fight over the environment.

Floridians set record for underwater cleanup

20 Jun 19 - The Florida city of Deerfield has put 633 divers into the water in what it claims is the world’s largest underwater clean-up.

Bloomberg mission is to close all US coal plants

11 Jun 19 - Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a new $500 million mission - to close every coal plant in the US by 2030.

Trump disses climate change after meeting Charles

10 Jun 19 - US President Donald Trump dismissed climate change as “a change in weather” just hours after holding talks on the issue with Prince Charles.

Lawmakers want to pay homeowners for bee gardens

6 Jun 19 - Minnesota aims to offer financial support to homeowners who want to transform their yards into bee-friendly gardens.

Florida creates office to take on climate crisis

31 May 19 - To say Dr Tom Frazer faces a daunting workload as he begins his new job as Florida’s first chief science officer would be an underestimation.

Amazon staff demand Bezos act on climate crisis

28 May 19 - Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has refused to address employees demanding the company take action on the climate crisis.

Louisiana readies for resilience ... and retreat

22 May 19 - Louisiana has issued a blueprint for coping with the impacts of a warming planet, including a human migration that has already begun.

New York aims to create green union jobs

20 May 19 - Efforts to build offshore wind turbines to power up to sx million homes will create more than 10,000 jobs under Climate Jobs New York's plan.

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