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Our war with the environment is leading to pandemics

Tuesday - The Global covid-19 crisis and the climate and biodiversity crises are deeply connected, health experts say.

Campaigners attack Japan's 'shameful' climate plans

Tuesday - Japan has laid out its plans to tackle greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris agreement in the run-up to UN climate talks this year, becoming the first large economy to do so.

Trump throws lifeline to oil industry

Tuesday - The Trump administration's unprecedented decision to suspend enforcement of US environmental laws amid the covid-19 crisis throws a lifeline to the oil industry.

Stage set for surge in sustainable investing

Monday - The coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout will trigger a skyward surge in sustainable, responsible and impactful investing over the next 12 months, says the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations.

Coronavirus hinders climate science

Monday - The global response to the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting climate science.

Pandemic recovery needs green strings attached

Monday - Governments and financial institutions are under growing pressure to make economic bailouts designed to counter the coronavirus pandemic dependent on climate action in the longer term.

Scientists seek signs of economic shock on CO2 levels

Friday - Scientists are monitoring the atmosphere at a mountaintop in Hawaii for clues that the coronavirus will be the first economic shock in more than 60 years to slow a rise in carbon dioxide levels that are heating the planet.

Pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution

Friday - The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down industrial activity and temporarily slashing air pollution levels around the world, satellite imagery shows.

Earth's deepest ice canyon vulnerable to melting

Friday - East Antarctic's Denman Canyon is the deepest land gorge on Earth, reaching 3500m below sea level. It's also filled top to bottom with ice which has a significant vulnerability to melting.

Too early to predict impact, says WMO

Thursday - The World Meteorological Organisation says it’s too soon to predict the impact the covid-19 pandemic will have on climate change.

Oil eyes $10 as world runs out of storage space

Thursday - The world might soon run out of space to store its extra oil as Saudi Arabia prepares to increase fossil fuel production.

Smoke from bushfires killed hundreds

Thursday - Smoke from Australia’s recent bushfires killed hundreds of people and sent thousands to hospitals and emergency rooms, according to a new study.

Shell to slash $9 billion from spending

25 Mar 20 - Royal Dutch Shell plans to slash $9 billion from its spending plans to weather the collapse in oil market prices in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Pensacola plays host to a climate killer

25 Mar 20 - Ten miles north of Pensacola, Florida, an aging chemical plant, its tanks, smokestacks and stainless steel pipes sprawling across hundreds of acres, is a climate killer hiding in plain sight.

It's official, e-cars produce less CO2

25 Mar 20 - Electric vehicles produce less carbon dioxide than petrol cars across the vast majority of the globe – contrary to the claims of some detractors, who have alleged that the CO2 emitted in the...

European recycling markets reel from coronavirus

24 Mar 20 - By MARK VICTORY | Concerns over the long-term impact of the coronavirus outbreak on key European recycling markets sharply escalated this week, following the adoption of further containment measures...

Climate change is harder to spot in some places

24 Mar 20 - Changeable weather in mid-latitude countries might have masked the impact of climate crisis up to now, a new study finds.

Why planners must look beyond history to judge risks

24 Mar 20 - Predictions based on past weather extremes are dramatically underestimating growing threats of extreme heat and rain linked to warming, researchers find.

Poor water systems greater risk than virus, says UN

23 Mar 20 - Decades of chronic underfunding of water infrastructure is putting many countries at worse risk in the coronavirus crisis, experts said as the UN marked World Water Day.

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