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It's a good bet Norway will be first fully electrified society

Today 9:00am - Norway has the renewable resources and political will to become the first country to use entirely clean electricity for its power demands.

How will the world's hottest city survive climate change?

Today 9:00am - The summer temperature in Kuwait now frequently touches 50deg. The Gulf state last year was awarded the grim prize of being the hottest place on Earth, when temperatures reached a staggering 54deg.

Doomed by climate – but they still don't get it

Today 9:00am - The Louisiana town of Cameron could be the first in the US to be fully submerged by rising sea levels – and yet locals, 90 per cent of whom voted for Trump, still aren’t convinced about climate change.

Walruses mob beach as Arctic sea ice disappears

Today 9:00am - A remote island off Alaska has been mobbed by thousands of Pacific walruses in the earliest known "haul out" for the species.

Anchovies eat plastic because it smells like prey

Today 9:00am - More than 50 species of fish have been found to consume plastic trash at sea ... bad news, not only for fish but potentially for humans who eat fish.

Trump cans no-sales rule on plastic bottles in parks

Today 9:00am - The Trump administration's reversal of ban on the sale of plastic water bottles in national parks shows ‘the corporate agenda is king and people and environment are left behind’, say campaigners

Climate change isn't our biggest environmental problem

Friday - Our core ecological problem is not climate change. It is overshoot, of which global warming is a symptom

Norway selling out-of-date food to help to tackle waste

Friday - Supermarkets selling out-of-date produce and apps that identify food at risk of being binned are part of an ambitious plan to slash the nation’s food waste

Not burning fossil fuels saves thousands of US lives

Friday - Fossil fuel not burnt because of wind and solar energy helped to avoid between 3000 and 12,700 premature deaths in the US between 2007 and 2015, says a new report.

Hyundai confirms e-cars will be core business

Friday - Hyundai has confirmed it is placing electric vehicles at the centre of its product strategy — one that includes plans for a premium long-distance electric car as it seeks to catch up to Tesla and...

INTERVIEW: New tack for Gore, but message just as powerful

Friday - Al Gore's new film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is different from his first film – it is much more biographical and focuses on how Gore became the great climate change communicator.

California eyes massive climate research move

Friday - California scientists are sketching plans for a home-grown climate-research institute - to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Drought legacy can be a lingering death

Friday - A climate hazard that doesn’t disappear when the rainclouds gather, drought’s lingering death can delay recovery a very long time.

South Australia to build solar thermal plant

Friday - South Australia will build a 150MW solar thermal plant to bring clean, reliable power to the state.

Miner Adani faces claims of financial fraud

Thursday - Indian mining giant Adani, seeking public funds to develop one of the world’s largest coal mines in Australia, has been accused of fraudulently siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars of borrowed...

Carmichael matters to Australia – and the world

Thursday - Proposals for Adani's Carmichael coal mine in Queensland threatens not only the Great Barrier Reef, but also global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Switzerland and EU agree to link carbon markets

Thursday - An agreement to link the Swiss and European Union carbon markets could pave the way for other markets to link to the EU emissions trading scheme in future, says the International Emissions Trading...

THE IMRAN EFFECT: Pakistanis plant billion trees for their hero

Thursday - Inspired by national cricket hero Imran Khan, a province in Pakistan has planted a billion trees in just two years.

UK wrapping up $3b Green Bank sale to Australia

Thursday - The UK government this week is preparing to complete the $3 billion sale of its Green Investment Bank to a group led by Australia's Macquarie Group.

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Karen Walker

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