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Past climate lessons prompt present rethink

Today 11:00am - European scientists have just reached two chilling conclusions about today’s Earth by studying past climate lessons.

Climate pioneer calls for wave of lawsuits

Monday - One of the fathers of climate science is calling for a wave of lawsuits against governments and fossil fuel companies that are delaying action on what he describes as the growing, mortal threat of global warming.

Global insurance plan aims to defuse bombshell

Thursday - A scheme unveiled at the Bonn climate summit aims to help to protect 400 million poor people from extreme weather by 2020 - but not everyone is convinced.

Climate change is destroying the wonders of the world

15 Nov 17 - From the Everglades in the US to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, climate change is destroying the many of the greatest wonders of the natural world.

Fossil-fuel burning set to hit record high this year

14 Nov 17 - The burning of fossil fuels is set to hit a record high in 2017, climate scientists have warned, following three years of flat growth that raised hopes a peak in global emissions had been reached.

CIRCA 2017: It is sure to be among the hottest on record

14 Nov 17 - The year has a bit to run yet, but we can already be sure that 2017 will be among the hottest years on record.

Direct democracy could offer a third climate way

14 Nov 17 - With political agreement on climate change making slow progress and direct action becoming more dangerous, we must find alternatives.

POISON PUSH: Warming helps toxins to thrive

14 Nov 17 - Many of the world’s poorest people are being poisoned by their basic foods – and global warming helps toxins to multiply.

Geo-engineering can work ... if the world wants it

13 Nov 17 - Climate scientists now know that geo-engineering – in principle at least – would halt global warming and keep the world at the temperatures it will reach by 2020.

MILLIONS ON MOVE: Climate victims need refugee status

13 Nov 17 - Since 2008, about 26 million people have been displaced each year due to natural disasters, says a troubling Oxfam report.

The seven megatrends that could beat global warming

10 Nov 17 - With the climate tipping point just years away, the tide is turning, thanks to innovations ranging from cheap renewables to lab-grown meat and electric aircraft.

Sulphur pollution on the rise in India

8 Nov 17 - India is on course to surpass China as the world’s largest emitter of anthropogenic sulphur dioxide.

The other China that wants to lead on climate change

6 Nov 17 - By PATTRICK SMELLIE | As international delegations descend on Bonn for the November 6-17 annual global climate change summit, spare a thought for the other country that calls itself China but,...

Climate change will create 'world's biggest refugee crisis'

3 Nov 17 - Tens of millions of people will be forced from their homes by climate change in the next decade, creating the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen, according to a new report.

Paris possible with huge private-secctor investement

3 Nov 17 - Global investment could hold the key to fighting climate change, with $1 trillion already invested in solutions such as renewables and energy efficiency, says International Finance Corporation

Fossil fuel companies undermining Paris agreement negotiations – report

2 Nov 17 - Global negotiations seeking to implement the Paris agreement have been captured by corporate interests and are being undermined by powerful forces that benefit from exacerbating climate change,...

Heat stress, malnutrition ... climate change makes us sick

1 Nov 17 - Climate change is already having an impact on our health, by exposing people to dangerous heat waves and more extreme weather.

Global atmospheric CO2 levels hit record high

31 Oct 17 - The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased at record speed last year to hit a level not seen for more than three million years.

Big sweet firms 'breaking promises over palm oil use'

30 Oct 17 - Nestlé, Mars and Hershey have been accused of breaking pledges to stop using conflict palm oil from deforested Indonesian jungles with the annual Halloween confectionery frenzy just around the corner.

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