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New York building energy grid of the future

Monday - New York State is making a $5 billion bet that by making its power cleaner, it can become a magnet for the clean-energy jobs of the future.

Trump budget aims to kill ‘crazy’ climate science

Thursday - The Trump administration's 2018 fiscal year budget has made good on its promise to target deep cuts to federal spending on programmes widely seen as critical to America’s ability to adapt to a warming world and reduce its impact on the climate.

How US companies export industrial pollution

Wednesday - US firms have been found to be improving their own environmental performance by moving more-polluting activities overseas, where regulations are more lax.

TRUMP TACTICS: What Americans really, really want

18 May 17 - Fewer than a third of Americans support President Donald Trump’s rollback of clean energy plans, a new survey shows.

US signs treaty to protect Arctic

15 May 17 - US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has signed a commitment to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to extend scientific cooperation in the Arctic region.

Republicans fail to repeal methane regulations

12 May 17 - A Republican move to undo limits on the emission of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, has suffered an unexpected defeat in the Senate.

Trump to make Paris decision after G7 summit

11 May 17 - President Donald Trump will not make a decision on whether to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement until after he returns from the May 26-27 Group of Seven summit.

White House advisers postpone Paris pact talks

10 May 17 - A key meeting of White House advisers to discuss the Paris climate change agreement won't happen today as planned.

Chicago posts EPA’s deleted climate change info

9 May 17 - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has responsed to the Trump administration pulling down its website detailing information about climate change by putting up his own.

Most Americans keen on carbon price

4 May 17 - Most Americans want a price on carbon, according to new research.

Atlanta commits to 100% renewables

4 May 17 - Atlanta lawmakers have passed a resolution to pursue 100 per cent renewable energy sources, including wind and solar, to power the city by 2035.

High ground is becoming hot property

2 May 17 - Climate change may now be a part of the gentrification story in Miami real estate.

Paris Agreement not fair to US, says Trump

1 May 17 - President Trump has complained that the United States was being unfairly treated in the Paris Climate Agreement and said he would announce a decision in about two weeks on whether Washington would...

PEOPLE POWER: Angry America stages march against Trump

1 May 17 - The People’s Climate March, timed to Trump’s 100th day as president, came amid a flurry of pro-fossil-fuel policy actions from the White House.

American climate refugees likely to flee inland

28 Apr 17 - The population of inland American cities will alter drastically if predictions of dramatic sea level rises by 2100 are correct, a new report suggests.

Ignore Trump, Bloomberg tells world leaders

26 Apr 17 - Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged world leaders not to follow Donald Trump’s lead on climate change, and declared his own intention to stave off the “tragedy” that would be the...

Trump's people postpone Paris decision

21 Apr 17 - Trump administration officials have postponed a meeting scheduled for this week to discuss the US government’s position on the Paris climate change agreement.

White House showdown looms on Paris Agreement

Scott Pruitt

18 Apr 17 - President Trump's most senior advisers will huddle this week to resolve long-simmering tensions over whether the United States should stay in the Paris climate change agreement.

US again shrinks electricity’s carbon footprint

12 Apr 17 - Carbon emissions from US electric power plants have fallen by about 5 per cent for the second year in a row.

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