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Turnbull might allow power firms to buy offsets

Thursday - The Turnbull government is hedging its bets on whether to allow Australian energy companies to buy offsets to comply with their new 26 per cent emissions reduction target.

Tidal power comes of age with Scottish project

Thursday - The potential for the tides to generate clean, reliable electricity has taken a significant step with the completion of a flagship project in Scottish waters.

UK seeks advice on strengthening climate goal

Claire Perry

Thursday - The UK government has announced that it wants official advice on the “implications” of aligning its climate goals with the Paris Agreement.

Trudeau vows to push ahead with pipeline plans

Thursday - Justin Trudeau has said Canada’s government is prepared to use taxpayer dollars to push forward plans for a controversial pipeline expansion, despite protests and efforts by a provincial government to halt the project.

I kept plastic for a year – the 4490 items made me rethink

Thursday - Daniel Webb accrued a mountain of plastic – all 4490 items of it – and made it into a mural, now on display in the UK.

Scientists stumble across mutation that eats plastic

Wednesday - Scientists have created - by accident - a mutant enzyme that breaks down plastic drinks bottles.

Australia's gas boom is getting out of whack

Wednesday - The massive growth of Australia’s natural gas industry is inconsistent with the country's Paris commitments.

Commonwealth heads meet amid inequality claims

Wednesday - Commonwealth heads of state will begin meeting in London, amid concerns over the unequal effects of climate change and efforts to fight it.

Carbon markets pay off for US states

Wednesday - Nine years after its launch, the US's first mandatory carbon-trading programme is still boosting the economy and creating jobs in its nine-state region.

Nature best weapon against flood damage

Wednesday - Scientists have found nature is the most cost-effective way of reducing the impacts of extreme weather events.

More than 95% of people breathe dangerous air

Wednesday - More than 95 per cent of the world’s population breathe unsafe air and the burden is falling hardest on the poorest communities,

Plight of the bees hits unaware businesses

Tuesday - Declining numbers of bees, butterflies and midges could leave companies facing the prospect of reduced crop quality and a shortage of raw materials.

Six metals are key to a low-carbon future

Tuesday - Low-carbon technologies currently rely on a handful of key metals, some of which have been little-used to date.

How the evolving climate is messing with your dinner

Tuesday - An evolving climate means big changes for people who grow, catch and rear for a living, and everyone else who buys and eats what they produce.

World can limit global warming without BECCS

Tuesday - It is possible to limit warming to 1.5deg above pre-industrial temperatures without using negative emissions from bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), new research says.

ACT takes lead on electric vehicles

Tuesday - The Australian Capital Territory government has announced the country’s most ambitious transition plan to electric vehicles.

What will we do with all those dead solar panels?

Tuesday - As solar power booms, businesses are exploring ways to ensure valuable components don’t end up in landfills.

Shipping pact calls for 50% emissions cut

Monday - Global shipping must at least halve its emissions by 2050, under a hard-fought international deal that for the first time sets the sector on course to shrink its carbon footprint.

Coal lobbyist becomes No2 official at EPA

Monday - Former coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler has been confirmed as second in command at the the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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