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How Big Oil is tightening its grip on the White House

Wednesday - The oil industry has stalled action on climate change from the inside and sold America on fossil fuels – and its influence goes back further than people realise.

GE's 12,000 job cuts highlight how it went wrong

Wednesday - After spending years building up its gas-power business, General Electric is trying to figure out how to keep pace in a world that’s no longer all that interested in fossil fuels.

These high-speed trains could take 3m cars off the roads

Wednesday - A $3 billion project that will introduce high-speed deisel trains to the US could take up to three million cars off the roads.

US judge sends Volkswagen exec to jail for seven years

Monday - A senior Volkswagen executive has been sentenced to seven years in prison by a US court after being found guilty of concealing software used to evade pollution limits on nearly 600,000 diesel vehicles.

Peru’s melting glaciers are a godsend (until they’re gone)

29 Nov 17 - Accelerating glacial melt in the Andes caused by climate change has set off a gold rush downstream, letting the desert bloom. But as the ice vanishes, the vast farms below might do the same.

What do the Koch brothers want from Time?

28 Nov 17 - That Charles and David Koch are putting $650m into Meredith Corp’s purchase of Time would ordinarily be cause for great soul-searching in media. But these are not ordinary times.

Drilling awakens sleeping faults in Texas

27 Nov 17 - Since 2008, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and a handful of other states have experienced unprecedented surges of earthquakes.

Community solar heads for rooftops of New York

24 Nov 17 - New York City’s public housing authority is taking bids in a plan to lease its roofs for community solar projects that could power thousands of urban homes.

Climate change drove Trumps out of Germany

24 Nov 17 - Climate change contributed to the wave of German immigration to the US that included Donald Trump’s grandfather.

California nets $860 million from carbon auction

23 Nov 17 - California will collect $860 million from auctioning carbon-emissions permits after the allowances sold out at a record price for the second straight quarter.

Senate bill would cut EPA funding by $150 million

23 Nov 17 - The US Senate Appropriations Committee this week introduced a bill that would cut nearly $150 million in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency next year.

EPA revises social cost of potent greenhouse gas

22 Nov 17 - The Trump administration is tweaking how it measures the costs of emitting a potent greenhouse gas, a move that will have major impacts for climate rules.

Wildfires are making Americans sick

17 Nov 17 - As climate change fuels large wildfires, the pollution they're releasing is making Americans sick and undermining decades of progress in cleaning the air.

GATESVILLE: Bill buys big bit of Arizona to build a smart city

15 Nov 17 - Bill Gates is buying 25,000 acres near Phoenix, Arizona, on which to build a high-tech smart city named Belmont.

What would happen if all Americans went vegan?

15 Nov 17 - To produce four US hamburger patties takes 25 kilogrammes of animal feed, 25 square metres of land, and about 220 litres of water.

Can California eliminate millions of fossil cars?

9 Nov 17 - California State leaders are discussing banning the sale of the millions of cars that run on gasoline or diesel.

EPA aims to block scientists who get EPA funding

2 Nov 17 - US Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt is poised to jettison scientists who have received grants from the EPA and replace them with industry experts and state government officials.

Winter coming later ... and leaving earlier

1 Nov 17 - Across the United States, the year’s first freeze has been arriving further into the calendar, according to more than a century of measurements.

Why California’s wine country fires were so destructive

31 Oct 17 - As of late October, more than a dozen wildfires north of San Francisco had killed more than 40 people, burned approximately 160,000 acres and destroyed more than 7000 structures.

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