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Shaw heads south to check out ice-melt threat

Tuesday - Climate minister James Shaw is heading to Antarctica as scientists warn we already might have triggered tipping points leading to irreversible melting of the polar ice sheets.

Vehicle made from recycled plastic to explore the ice

12 Oct 18 - A vehicle powered by the sun and made out of plastic waste is set to explore Antarctica.

Frozen Arctic moves seawards in hectic melt

8 Oct 18 - Once trapped in a Russian ice cap north of Siberia, the frozen Arctic is moving fast, racing in decades from metres to kilometres a year.

New pact bans fishing across much of Arctic

5 Oct 18 - Commercial fishing will be banned across much of the Arctic under a new agreement just signed in Greenland.

What's causing Antarctica's ocean to warm up?

26 Sep 18 - The Southern Ocean around Antarctica is warming at an alarming rate - twice that of the rest of the world's oceans.

Nations scramble for power as warming opens up the Arctic

5 Sep 18 - On Monday, a Danish container ship sailed from South Korea. On September 22, it will dock in Germany. The bit in between could change the world.

Maersk moves in as warming Arctic opens up icy sea route

24 Aug 18 - Maersk, the world's largest container line, is about to test the frigid waters of the Arctic in a trial of shorter shipping lanes that could become viable as warmer temperatures open up the Northern Sea Route.

‘Natural pulses’ figure in Antarctic melting

15 Aug 18 - A 16-year study of ocean conditions in Antarctica suggests that the periodic arrival of warm currents as a result of natural variability is worsening the rate of ice mass loss from key glaciers.

Big Krill backs vast Antarctic ocean sanctuary

11 Jul 18 - The creation of the world’s biggest ocean sanctuary, protecting a huge tract of remote seas around Antarctica, has come a step closer after major fishing companies came out in favour of the plan.

Scientists eye solution to Antarctic ice loss

25 Jun 18 - Scientists hope they might have discovered a mitigating factor that could slow or even prevent the West Antarctic ice sheet’ collapsing into the ocean.

How melting Arctic could cook the tropics

22 Jun 18 - The loss of sea ice from the Arctic Ocean will alter wind patterns and ocean currents, causing changes across the planet.

Antarctic melt just the tip of the iceberg

14 Jun 18 - Antarctica has lost three trillion tonnes of ice over the past 25 years, raising sea levels 7.6mm.

Plastic waste reaches last wilderness

8 Jun 18 - Plastic and traces of hazardous chemicals have been found in one of the world’s last great wildernesses.

Modern mammoths could help stop Arctic ground emissions

17 May 18 - Geneticists from Harvard think that reintroducing mammoth-like creatures to Arctic tundra environments could help to stop the release of greenhouse gases from the ground.

Winter winds melting Antarctica ice shelf

7 May 18 - Parts of Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf are melting in the depths of winter, when temperatures typically stay well below freezing, research finds.

Boaty McBoatface to spy on melting Antarctic glacier

2 May 18 - The precarious state of a vast, remote Antarctic glacier will provide an inaugural mission for the British vessel once dubbed Boaty McBoatface and its remotely operated submarine of the same name.

Arctic currents change as did the ancient Pacific

1 May 18 - Changes in Arctic currents today appear to reflect similar changes thousands of years ago – in the North Pacific. Scientists think they may be linked.

Melting of Antarctic ice greater than thought

4 Apr 18 - Hidden underwater melt-off in the Antarctic is doubling every 20 years and could soon overtake Greenland to become the biggest source of sea-level rise.

SOUTHERN SHOCK: Where has all the ice gone?

21 Mar 18 - The absence of sea ice near Antarctica over the past six weeks has astonished scientists aboard the research vessel Tangaroa.

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