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Native forests have potential to earn millions

Today 10:00am - Landowners with 10,000 hectares of native forest could earn $1.5 million a year in carbon credits, a new report says.

Farmers join in as landowners return to planting

29 Mar 17 - Landowners are planting forests again – and farmers looking to offset emissions appear to be among them.

Smaller forests get financial helping hand

15 Mar 17 - Landowners wanting to plant small-to-medium-sized new forests might be able to get some government funding to help them.

Magic tricks in the forest can make carbon emissions vanish

9 Mar 17 - Countries are free to manage their forests as they choose, but reducing them to a tool of light-fingered carbon accounting can leave world deprived of vital carbon sinks.

Forest bonds seen as way for long-term green investment

10 Feb 17 - A world-leading environmental impact bond scheme could channel substantial private investment into planting vast areas of native and exotic forests in New Zealand.

Can we learn to leave our wild forests alone?

27 Jan 17 - Here is how to turn a forest into a carbon-consuming machine that will help to contain global warming. Leave it alone. Let it grow. Do not log it.

Sort out bioenergy, industry tells Government

8 Dec 16 - The ditching of plans for a large geothermally driven wood-processing plant in Northland shows why the Government must sort out New Zealand’s bioenergy plan, the industry says.

California counts 102 million trees dead from drought

24 Nov 16 - An astonishing 102 million trees have died across California over the past six years from drought and disease — including 62 million trees in 2016 alone.

New funding round will see 5.5m trees planted

11 Nov 16 - The latest round of funding from the Government’s Afforestation Grants Scheme will see 5.5 million trees planted next winter.

Hopes rise for solution to forest-split problem

7 Nov 16 - The door is slightly open for the Government to reconsider the contentious pre-1990/post-1989 forestry split under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Government getting serious about forestry

3 Nov 16 - The climate ministers are seriously considering the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s afforestation proposals, it was revealed yesterday.

Is the Government cooking the forestry books?

2 Nov 16 - The Government is being accused of attempting to cook the books by changing the way in which carbon stored in trees is accounted for.

Govt wants to break new ground for tree planting

1 Nov 16 - The Government says it’s working on new ways to get more native and exotic trees in the ground.

$2.5b carbon bill hanging over heads of Treelords iwi

Kaingaroa forest

27 Oct 16 - The Maori owners of land under the Southern Hemisphere’s largest plantation forest face a potential carbon liability of nearly $2.5 billion – yet have received credits for just a fraction of the...

Netherlands to increase forests by a quarter

27 Oct 16 - To slash the Netherlands' carbon footprint, the Dutch are going on a tree-planting binge.

NGAI TAHU: We're giving away our forest benefits

26 Oct 16 - Ngai Tahu wants existing native forests included in the Emissions Trading Scheme, saying Maori are being forced to donate to the country the climate benefits of their forests.

Why are millions of trees dying across the US?

20 Sep 16 - A quiet crisis playing out in US forests as huge numbers of trees succumb to drought, disease, insects and wildfire – much of it driven by climate change.

Modified wood aims to save forests from the axe

15 Sep 16 - A hardwood substitute has been developed to effectively end the need to log native forests.

FOREST FIX: Will the government play ball?

2 Sep 16 - Foresters say they’ve got a deal that will get farmers planting trees – but the Government needs to play ball.

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