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Mandatory climate disclosure coming to UK companies...

20 Oct 20 - Current rules on company disclosures to help markets price in risks from climate change will become mandatory, a senior Bank of England official said on Friday.

...and investors say they want it

20 Oct 20 - An influential group of investors is urging UK regulators to make climate risk reporting mandatory for nearly 500 FTSE-listed firms.

Why Britain needs negative interest rates

19 Oct 20 - As Britain and the rest of Europe battle the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic, desperate eyes turn to central bank bosses, wondering what rescue plans they have up their sleeves.

UK finance minister wants a carbon tax

12 Oct 20 - British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is planning for a UK-wide carbon tax that could raise billions of pounds while encouraging the drive towards net-zero emissions.

Airport appeals court's climate ruling

9 Oct 20 - Heathrow appeared in front of the UK Supreme Court this week in a bid to overturn a judgment that blocked Europe’s busiest airport from expanding.

York's green-home revolution

5 Oct 20 - The English city of York plans to build Britain’s biggest zero-carbon housing project, boasting 600 homes in car-free cycling paradises full of fruit trees and allotments.

Public figures defend XR against 'organised crime' classification

14 Sep 20 - Stephen Fry, Mark Rylance and a former Archbishop of Canterbury are among 150 public figures to hit back at government moves to classify the climate protesters of Extinction Rebellion as an “organised crime group”.

Writers rebel against London thinktanks

4 Sep 20 - A group of artists and writers including Zadie Smith and Sir Mark Rylance have spoken out against the thinktanks and lobbyists at the heart of Westminster, gathering with hundreds of protesters near...

UK facing worst wheat harvest since 1980s, says farmers' union

18 Aug 20 - Britain's wheat harvest is likely to be down markedly this year, according to the National Farmers’ Union, capping a tumultuous year for British farming after consecutive seasons of extreme weather.

Scottish minister warns of climate challenge after Stonehaven crash

14 Aug 20 - The climate crisis is presenting increasing challenges for rail safety, senior transport figures have warned, as family and friends paid tribute to three people who died in a derailment in...

Ban SUV adverts to meet climate goals, report urges

5 Aug 20 - Advertising of sports utility vehicles, which emit more greenhouse gases than other cars, should be banned so the UK can meet its climate goals, a report has said.

UK's biggest pension fund begins fossil fuels divestment

30 Jul 20 - The UK’s biggest pension fund, the government-backed National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) scheme with nine million members, is to begin divesting from fossil fuels.

Make nature part of 'build, build, build' policy

27 Jul 20 - Instead of blaming protected newts for thwarting the “build, build, build” agenda, politicians and developers must incorporate green thinking into the design of new infrastructure, according to the...

Powerful backers support a UK nuclear future

16 Jul 20 - Insulating homes and installing renewable energy are the cheapest answers to climate change. Yet powerful backers urge a UK nuclear future.

UK premier faces court over covid-19 recovery

14 Jul 20 - Lawyers who stopped the expansion of Heathrow Airport because it would be bad for the climate are now turning their sights on Boris Johnson's covid-19 economic recovery plans.

Rare night clouds may be warning sign of climate crisis

9 Jul 20 - Something magical appeared at night over London and other parts of Britain last month: ripples of electric blue clouds shimmered in the twilight sky after sunset.

Nuclear plans flounder through muddy dispute

7 Jul 20 - Vast quantities of mud, which campaigners say might contain radioactive particles, are the latest problem to confront the UK’s nuclear plans for two new reactors under construction in the West of...

Air pollution likely to make coronavirus worse

3 Jul 20 - Air pollution is probably increasing the number and severity of covid-19 cases and could be important to managing the pandemic, experts say.

UK heading for the heat

2 Jul 20 - The likelihood of the UK experiencing deadly 40deg temperatures for the first time is “rapidly accelerating” due to the climate crisis, scientists have found.

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