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Genesis says it will slash emissions

9 Dec 20 - The operator of the Huntly coal-and-gas-fired power station says it will cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

Cutting emissions and making fertiliser from beer-and-chip waste

8 Dec 20 - The much-loved combination of beer and chips is being harnessed to tackle climate change.

Biogas study: could we be running on waste?

7 Dec 20 - Gas suppliers, users and consultants are joining forces to assess the potential to use biogas to power industry and homes.

Ammonia – a fuel of the future?

30 Nov 20 - Like hydrogen, ammonia can play a key role in decarbonising Europe’s heavy industry and transport. So why isn’t it grabbing the headlines in the same way?

Large slice of Kupe gas could be up for sale

27 Nov 20 - Genesis Energy – one of the country’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases – is considering selling its stake in the Kupe oil and gas field, freeing up money it could invest in renewable generation.

Western Europe cools on plans for nuclear power

27 Nov 20 - News that two more reactors in the United Kingdom are to shut down on safety grounds earlier than planned has capped a depressing month for nuclear power in Europe.

Gas, carbon capture key to emissions cut - BP

26 Nov 20 - By GAVIN EVANS | Natural gas, especially when combined with carbon capture use and storage, can play a critical role meeting the world’s net-zero carbon targets, BP economist Michael Cohen says.

Coal financing evaporates as countries go carbon-free

25 Nov 20 - Financing for coal projects is drying up at ever increasing rates as more countries target zero carbon emissions amid an energy transition sweeping the world, participants at Asia’s biggest gathering...

Kiwi company uses Bitcoin to buy solar panels

24 Nov 20 - New Zealand’s latest and largest solar farm is being partially funded by cryptocurrency.

EU, UN-led pact commits oil and gas firms to tackle methane emissions

24 Nov 20 - Dozens of oil and gas companies have committed to report more accurately on and, ultimately, reduce emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane which is liable to leak from oilfields and pipelines.

Green-trolling to bring down Big Oil

20 Nov 20 - Mary Heglar has a “maniacal plan” to save the planet. It doesn’t involve shutting down pipelines or protesting in the streets. Heglar has simply been “trolling the shit out of fossil fuel companies”...

Meridian looking good to carbon-averse Blackrock

12 Nov 20 - Blackrock has increased its stake in Meridian as part of its carbon-divestment strategy.

New fund helps businesses ditch coal and gas

12 Nov 20 - Businesses wanting to stop using coal and gas for heat can tap into a new $70 million fund.

No miracle energy sources to replace fossil fuels, says scientist

10 Nov 20 - Radical decarbonisation in line with the Paris Agreement means getting used to living in a world without abundant supplies of energy, ecologist Dr Mike Joy is warning.

Where should be we use hydrogen?

10 Nov 20 - Is hydrogen the lifeblood of a low-carbon future, or an over-hyped distraction from real solutions?

How 'geothermal anywhere' can cut our emissions

6 Nov 20 - Large-scale geothermal energy has long been constrained to volcanic areas where heat can easily be captured and turned into electricity. Today, breakthroughs in drilling techniques are opening new...

'Liquid window' harnesses light and heat

6 Nov 20 - Rising demand for cooling and heating in commercial buildings has pushed up their carbon emissions - could temperature-sensitive windows help?

Shell's climate tweet goes badly wrong

4 Nov 20 - A climate poll on Twitter posted by Shell has backfired spectacularly, with the oil company accused of gaslighting the public.

New method to measure fossil-fuel emissions

3 Nov 20 - Millions of stacks and tailpipes in cities around the world send up 70 per cent of the carbon dioxide ejected into the atmosphere by human beings.

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Recognising forestry's highest achievers

5 Oct 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - The New Zealand Institute of Forestry has announced the winners...

Fonterra should be ashamed of causing coal mine expansion, says Cana

29 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - Bathurst Resource¡¯s planned extension of its Canterbury coal...

Coal activists' target misplaced - Straterra

29 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - Activists blocking a Canterbury coal mine over a proposed...

Wood fibres report welcomed

2 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - The Wood Fibre Futures report is a welcome addition to our...

Fuel-cell trucks here next year

1 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - New Zealand’s Hiringa Energy and United States-based HYZON...

China will have more than 25% of global offshore wind power capacity by 2030

27 Aug 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - GLOBAL DATA: The global offshore wind segment is likely to grow...

Big penalty for environmental pollution

27 Aug 20 - An Auckland Council prosecution has seen a golf resort fined $86,000 for...

Funding welcome for recycling plant upgrades

26 Aug 20 - Local Government New Zealand has today welcomed the stimulus funding to upgrade...

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