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EPA revises social cost of potent greenhouse gas

Wednesday - The Trump administration is tweaking how it measures the costs of emitting a potent greenhouse gas, a move that will have major impacts for climate rules.

Wildfires are making Americans sick

Friday - As climate change fuels large wildfires, the pollution they're releasing is making Americans sick and undermining decades of progress in cleaning the air.

GATESVILLE: Bill buys big bit of Arizona to build a smart city

15 Nov 17 - Bill Gates is buying 25,000 acres near Phoenix, Arizona, on which to build a high-tech smart city named Belmont.

What would happen if all Americans went vegan?

15 Nov 17 - To produce four US hamburger patties takes 25 kilogrammes of animal feed, 25 square metres of land, and about 220 litres of water.

Can California eliminate millions of fossil cars?

9 Nov 17 - California State leaders are discussing banning the sale of the millions of cars that run on gasoline or diesel.

EPA aims to block scientists who get EPA funding

2 Nov 17 - US Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt is poised to jettison scientists who have received grants from the EPA and replace them with industry experts and state government officials.

Winter coming later ... and leaving earlier

1 Nov 17 - Across the United States, the year’s first freeze has been arriving further into the calendar, according to more than a century of measurements.

Why California’s wine country fires were so destructive

31 Oct 17 - As of late October, more than a dozen wildfires north of San Francisco had killed more than 40 people, burned approximately 160,000 acres and destroyed more than 7000 structures.

Rising seas are flooding Virginia’s vast naval base

27 Oct 17 - The giant United States naval base at Norfolk is under threat by rising seas and sinking land - and little is being done to hold back the tides.

EPA scrubs website clean of ‘climate change’

27 Oct 17 - The US Environmental Protection Agency has removed dozens of online resources dedicated to helping local governments address climate change.

US unprepared to face costs of climate change

27 Oct 17 - The risks to the US are big, and they’re rising, a new report says - just as the Trump administration is changing how it calculates costs to make them look smaller.

Texas power giant to shut coal-fired plants

25 Oct 17 - Texas power generator Luminant has announced it will close three coal-fired plants in early 2018. Combined, they account for 12 per cent of the state's coal power plant capacity.

Texas town mayor turns green-power tyro

19 Oct 17 - The mayor of Georgetown, Texas, Dale Ross is ‘a good little Republican’ – but ever since his city weaned itself off fossil fuels, he has become a hero to environmentalists.

How NASA tracks carbon emissions from space

16 Oct 17 - Fires, drought and warmer temperatures were to blame for excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during the 2015-2016 El Niño, say scientists with NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2.

Puerto Rico wants Tesla to make it a showpiece

12 Oct 17 - Hurricane-hit Puerto Rico has urged Tesla to turn the islands into a flagship project that can show the world what solar and batteries can do.

The war on coal is over, says US environment chief

10 Oct 17 - “The war on coal is over,” EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt declared as he announced that this week he will sign a new rule overriding Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan.

Lawsuits try to paint green activism as a racket

9 Oct 17 - Logging and pipeline companies are using a new legal tactic to seek damages from Greenpeace and other groups. The long-shot cases are having a chilling effect.

Trump picks coal lobbyist to help to lead EPA

Andrew Wheeler

9 Oct 17 - President Trump's nominee to be second in command at the Environmental Protection Agency helped to kill bipartisan climate legislation during his time as a top Senate aide.

New York aims to be carbon neutral by 2050

5 Oct 17 - Donald Trump’s home city aligns its strategy with tough 1.5deg global warming limit, in defiance of the president’s hostility to climate action.

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