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Top companies accused of undermining Paris deal

Today 11:00am - New analysis shows 22 of Australia’s largest companies are actively working to undermine the Paris Agreement targets, betting shareholders’ money on strategies that assume global climate change action fails.

What Warren Buffett thinks about climate change

Today 11:00am - Warren Buffett’s home state of Nebraska is dealing with the aftermath of record flooding, but don’t expect the billionaire investor to jump to the conclusion that climate change is responsible.

The day the Earth’s climate went berserk

Today 11:00am - The day in 1815 when the world’s climate went berserk was only the start of months and years of global climate disruption and social unrest.

Six ways to fill your wardrobe with sustainable clothing

Today 11:00am - While the push for a more sustainable fashion market is in its early days, individuals can still make easy choices right now to have a more environmentally friendly style.

Drones make it easier to monitor environment

Today 11:00am - Conservationists, researchers and volunteers are findng new technology in the form of drones is making their jobs a whole lot easier.

Russia floats first law to regulate emissions

Monday - Russia is considering climate legislation that could give the world’s fifth largest emitter a framework for regulating carbon emissions for the first time.

How insurance could be out of reach for many

Monday - Insurers have warned that climate change could make cover for ordinary people unaffordable after the world’s largest reinsurance firm blamed global warming for $24bn of losses in the Californian wildfires.

UK lines up first deep coal mine in decades

Monday - Local councillors in Cumbria have voted unanimously to approve a new deep coal mine, Britain’s first in three decades.

Melting ice exposing bodies of Mt Everest's missing climbers

Monday - Melting glaciers on Mount Everest have begun exposing the bodies of climbers who died on the mountain.

Attenborough to tell us the facts in new film

Monday - The BBC has just announced that David Attenborough, 92, will present a 60-minute film, Climate Change - The Facts, which will be screened this northen spring.

Ten years ago ...

Friday - Ten years ago, Kiwi start-up CarbonScape was being recognised for its carbon-reducing potential.

US judge halts hundreds of drilling projects

Friday - In the first significant check on the Trump administration’s “energy-first” agenda, a US judge has temporarily halted hundreds of drilling projects for failing to take climate change into account.

More gas mining threatens climate, water and health

Friday - Australia, like its competitors Qatar, Canada and the US, aspires to become the world’s largest exporter of gas, arguing this helps importing nations reduce their greenhouse emissions by replacing...

Plant waste key in new aviation fuel

Friday - Waste from plants and trees could soon be fueling jet planes.

Toyota's Melbourne plant to make hydrogen

Friday - Toyota and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency will kick in $7.4m to transform part of the carmaker’s decommissioned Melbourne car manufacturing site into a commercial-grade hydrogen production...

Most US produce has pesticide residues - even after washing

Friday - About 70 per cent of fresh produce sold in the US has pesticide residues on it even after it is washed, according to a health advocacy group.

FLANNERY: People are shocked; they should be angry

Thursday - Author and scientist Tim Flannery, who has returned to his roots at the Australian Museum, says the world is about to see a major shift towards climate action.

IPCC treading softly on language, says study

Thursday - The International Panel on Climate Change is using conservative language that underplays the threat of climate change.

Good keen youths could form a Green Army

Thursday - A volunteer conservation army could mobilise young people who want to fight climate change by channelling them into work to restore ecosystems.

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